Oct 182021
Review: Active Parenting – How To Raise Children With Boundless Potential
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Title: Active Parenting – How To Raise Children With Boundless Potential

Author: RamG Vallath

Type: Paperback

Publisher: HarperCollins India

First of all, I would like to thank Kids Book Café and RamG Vallath for the opportunity to review the book ‘Active Parenting – How To Raise Children With Boundless Potential’. Being a parent to a 3 year old, I often seek out parenting books which help to negotiate the various challenges during these developmental years.

This book is nicely written and engaging especially with many real life scenarios and stories which put things in perspective making for easy understanding and implementation. The SHARP model is a great way to put all things in a nutshell and make it easier to remember. There are so many relevant aspects that we often forget as parents such as patience, respect, honesty, gratitude, compassion which the book not only reminds us about, but also provides examples of parents who have integrated these in their daily lives. There is a summary of important points to remember at the end of each section, which is a great way to recapitulate the chapter at a glance.

I loved that the author has also openly discussed sexual orientation, gender identity issues, etc which are often pushed to the back burner. Integration of mythological stories, stories about heaven and hell, etc make it more relatable as we have grown up listening to similar stories. Same goes for topics on kindness, respect and gratitude.

The book covers ages from 2 years to teenage years but chapters aren’t segregated as per ages. It would probably have scored an additional brownie point if it could be divided into age specific parts which I could get back to and read as my little one grew up. Also most of the examples are of 5 years and beyond, so I would probably be coming back to this book in the future. Also as the book claims, it is more of a generalised approach rather than a step by step guide on what to do as compared to other parenting books. 

Overall, I enjoyed reading this book and would recommend this to parents for a general overview on parenting.

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