Oct 182021
Review: 5 Mantras Only Successful Students Know
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Title: 5 Mantras Only Successful Students Know

Author: Chandan Deshmukh

Type: Paperback

Publisher: Penguin

Age: 14 years+ (12+ for self-driven and extremely motivated children)

5 Mantras only successful students know by Chandan Deshmukh is written as a self help book for students to achieve academic success.

The mantras are revealed as part of a wonderful teacher’s attempt to guide one of her students who is not living up to his potential. Each chapter elucidates behavior and thought processes that may need changes, frameworks that can be used to organize, and tips and techniques in the form of rules. These will certainly help highlight and clear many obstacles that students may knowingly or unknowingly be facing.

Some chapters are rather basic but probably important to point out for the sake of completeness. Chapters on Mantras 3 and 4 are well researched. Full of important study skills from note taking to mnemonics and well illustrated with examples, it makes it easy for a student to pick these up and apply them, if they have never come across them before. Mantra 5 is an interesting addition on following a personal passion for a holistic approach to success.

While the book has several useful bits, the only problem was I was unsure of the audience the author was targeting. The initial chapters and the teacher’s perspective make it seem like a parent would resonate with it more. Overall, the book is a good read, but may require to be read in several pieces and applied, rather than a single sitting read to derive most benefit. While I would recommend a little hand holding to ensure a young student is able to derive benefits from the book, Grade 9+ upwards should find this book useful in developing some solid study skills for their academically important years.

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