Oct 182021
Review: The Badmash Badshah Presents: Dungeon Tales II
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Title: The Badmash Badshah Presents: Dungeon Tales II

Author: Venita Coelho

Type: Paperback

Publisher: Scholastic India

Age group: 8-12 years but the stories are really engaging and appeal to grown up readers as well.

Have you been ever forbidden to read? Imagine a situation where you eagerly want to read a book but it is rotten and you can only read it in bits and pieces. Oh! You guessed it right, it only increases the curiosity. What little Munni discovered was a treasure of stories that led to a completely different world.

Everyone likes to hear a story.  But our King (Badmash Badshah) had a unique way of entertaining himself with stories – he forced it out of the prisoners who resided in his dungeon. The stories that are narrated by the prisoners, true or not, not only keeps the Badshah amused, but kept me hooked too. And I am sure every kid or adult who is going to open their mind and imagination to these out-of-the-box (or should I say, out-of-the dungeon) stories. 

This book takes you through many adventures such as, an elephant who is on a mission to find jalebis, a man who loses his beloved moustache to a ghost, a professional assassin who faints at the idea of killing, a tiger whose smile is quite terrifying and special, an asura who is friends with a little girl and much, much more! 

All the stories are fictional with an overload of humour. The book is a perfect blend and kid or no kid can enjoy the stories and can feel the exhilaration. My level of my imagination has definitely upped after I tried to visualize the characters.

Although all stories quite incept in your mind, the one that I kept going back to is “The smile on the face of the Tiger”.  The end is totally unexpected and it is quite difficult to tell whether prisoner was telling a story or the prisoner was the story itself.

Now tell me, can u spin a story when your head is at the mercy of Badmash Badshah who may or may not find your story interesting?

If you enjoyed this review and wish to buy the book from Scholastic India (kbc affiliate link), type Dungeon Tales II in the search bar after clicking this red button. Should you wish to read the first book in the series, it’s called DUNGEON TALES.


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