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’tis is the season to fall in love… with books!
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February is all about Valentine’s Day, right? Well at kbc it’s the perfect month to fall in love with books! Here’s our curation for the month based on recommendations shared by our kbc members!

Is it a book? Is it a car? It’s Flash in his new hot wheels!!


Check out what the super interesting CONVERTIBLE RACE CAR (Miles Kelly) that Adu was gifted on his birthday – too cool to be true right? Check out the pictures here shared by Achira in the kbc facebook group. Quoting her:

This is not just a book but a convertible one!

Adu got this as a birthday gift from one of his closest friends. And oh what fun it is to see this book fold out and turn into a race car. Yes yes it is a lovely foldout book with a cute little story about a racing day. And what fun it was to race our cars on the track and to quickly turn it into a racing car and get inside it.

These kind of engaging books can make reading so much fun!

There is a whole series called CONVERTIBLES by Miles Kelly Others include:
Convertible Bulldozer 
Convertible Police Car
Convertible Pirate Ship
Convertable Spaceship (Convertibles)
Convertible Submarine
Convertible Dinosaur
Convertible Princess Carriage
Convertible: Pink Car

First: read the book. Then convert it into a car!

The Hundred Decker Rocket inside pages have been shared by Amardeep here in the fb group. In her words:

Are you ready to go on a trip to space, in a rocket built by you, meet aliens, and learn about the importance of keeping planets and space clean? Oh, and along the way you can have the most awesome search and find game on a hundred decker rocket!! The four page fold out of a hundred decker rocket is AMAZING- your child will spend hours looking at the details (mine keeps trying to find all the washrooms in there!)

The Hundred Decker Bus is another book in the series! Asha just ordered it!

Clean Up! (32 pages) is the sequel to Look Up!
I Spy Little Hearts (with foil): A Book of Picture Riddles – Khushboo has shared a read aloud by her son in the fb group here.

To Market, To Market by Anushka Ravishankar. Achu and Avi did a marvelous read aloud for WRAD this time! You can watch their video in the fb group here. Quoting her: “This is one of Avi’s current favourite books. It reminds me of the time I used to explore busy weekend markets with my mom and enjoy the colourful things around.”

Ava’s Spectacular Spectacles is a scholastic book which is perfect to encourage smallies to embrace wearing their glasses.

The Something by Rebecca Cob (illustrator of THE PAPER DOLLS fame)

Don’t Worry, Little Crab by Chris Haughton

The story is about a little crab who is scared of the sea and how the elder crab helps the little crab sail through and fight the fears one step at a time and how the little crab gets through and have a super time later in the sea.

A very simple moral : fight your fears slowly and you will see the bright light 🙂

Why this book emerged as an important one for me : When we went through this book, my son and I remembered Goa! Until we read the book he had decided he won’t visit any beach but after the book he asked me if we can go to Goa again and he shall try overcoming his fears.

Miss Maple’s Seeds. Punidha has shared the enchanting inside pages here in our fb group.

Super Frozen Magic Forest (Super Happy Magic Forest)
There are other books in the Super Happy Magic Forest Series by Matty Long

The Green Giant by Katie Cottle. Achira highly recommends this. Excerpts from her review in the fb group where she has shared inside pages as well:

This book talks about how the green is becoming rare in cities these days giving its place to grey!

Little Bea goes to visit the country to spend her summer holidays with granddad. She loves it there because there is peace and she likes the quietness of the country. She chances upon a greenhouse where she makes many green friends and meets this green giant. He tells her how he had to run from the city to save his life. The illustrations are breath taking and the message is loud and clear! Urbanisation in cities have led to trees getting cut for modern amenities but what we are giving away are way more than we realise. Greens around us are so important for fresh air, for maintaining the air quality and are home to many birds and animals! And we can do our bit by planting more and more trees. It’s a simple book with less text but is so relevant in today’s times.

ROCK BY ROCK by Jennifer Bradbury (Author), Sam Boughton (Illustrator) for 4-8 years (48 pages). Amardeep has this book which is about Nek Chand’s Rock Garden in Chandigarh.

Spider-man books for 4yos
Avengers books for 4yos
Batman books for 4yos
DC Super Friends books

Squish #1: Super Amoeba (96 pages) – SQUISH graphic novel series by Jennifer L. Holm and Matthew Holm.

Diary of a Pug (branches series) for 6-8 years. This series can be ordered from Scholastic India via our kbc storefront as well. Scholastic India always has special offers on.

SEARCH AND FIND BOOKS by Fermin Solis. Anubhuti has shared a video of the giant fold out scenes inside here. In her words: “The book has huge foldout pages with cute illustrations, rhyming text to describe the pages. Scenes range from volcano, river, mountains, etc. The hints on one side of page would be revealed after opening the other side of foldout page.”

A pair of twins (Karadi Tales) – 32 pages


Hazy Bloom books for 7-10 years come highly recommended by Sharadhi whose 7yo loves them. She has shared inside pages in the fb group. In her words:

My 7 year old dd Stavya, got this chapter book called Hazy bloom by Jennifer Hamburg and didn’t keep it down until she finished it…

Jennifer Hamburg is a popular television writer of series like Daniel tiger’s neighborhood and super why.. She’s the author of several picture books and this chapter book Hazy bloom..

Hazy bloom is about a girl named Hazel who begins to have a vision which comes true in the near future. With this mysterious power she sometimes makes things worse.Her visions start with one of flying peas, and the very next day, a food fight erupts in the school cafeteria. This quickly paced tale features a well-developed main character and lots of funny scenes.. Hazel’s witty nature and quirky personality is showcased in every page with catchphrases and obsession with spelling words…

This humourous narration and silly circumstances makes this book enjoyable to 7-9 year old kids.

LOSER by Jerry Spinelli for 8-12 years recommended by Mandira Shah and her daughter.

Paati Goes Viral by Prabhu Viswanathan (Karadi Tales)


I Talk Like a River (hardcover) by Jordan Scott for 3-7 years. Amardeep gifted this incredible book to Asha.

It’s a book for kids who stutter. It’s a book for kids who don’t stutter.

It has the most beautiful illustrations (please don’t judge the book by the cover!) that add magic to the story.

This book is about a little boy’s struggles – every day at school. He stutters, so getting words out of his mouth is a challenge when the teacher asks something in class. The author has described what the boy goes through in the most heartwarming way. His dad calls it a “bad speech day” and explains that he talks like a river.
Minimal text – a surprise foldout in the middle of the book and illustrations that take your breath away, yet capture your heart. A must have even if no one stutters in the family, for we need to sensitise our children about differently abled people. Also available in Paperback.

Rain Must Fall by Nandita Basu (128 pages) published by Duckbill.

Amrita Sher-Gil: Rebel with a Paintbrush (Timeless Biographies, 01) for tweens, YA, adults who enjoy biographies on artists.


ACHIRA has shared a list of must have Activity Workbooks for kids for 6-7 years. She has kindly shared inside pages in the fb group here.

We have been doing a lot of maths and activities. Adu doesn’t like the traditional way of studying. So I get a lot of books which have these lovely activities and make learning fun.

Hidden Pictures Puzzles Volume 4– This one is pure gem to keep the kids engaged for hours. You have to find the things hidden in the big picture and colour them. Increases concentration and can be fun when done together. (other volumes are available in the series as well)

Mental Mathematics by S. Chand’s for Class 1– This book is indeed very cool for making kids practice their math skills. I found it very relevant to what Adu has been learning in school and the mental fun drills surely make maths fun. Being a fan of maths I always want to make it a fun subject for the kids so that they never find it hard and stressful. Am very happy with this buy. (There are other books for different classes as well.)

Mental Maths by Andrew Brodie – Ages 6-7 years – Again a perfect book to practice maths in a fun way. Lots of practice sheets for addition and subtraction. Also a couple on time which they have been doing in class. (this series is available for other age groups as well)

English Grammar by Om Books – Workbook 1– A very simple book with lots of engaging worksheets. Jumbled words, opposites, word search and perfect introduction to grammar. (There are other workbooks for different ages in this series)

Science workbook by Moonstone Publishers Level 1 -I got it because I loved the content but we are yet to start this. We are hooked to our maths books. (Again, this series comes in different Levels for different age groups)

Jumbo Maths Made Merry Workbook by Om Kidz– Superb one with such varied activities. Shapes, missing numbers, arranging them in ascending or descending order, addition? Subtraction, number names- it has everything! MATHS MADE MERRY WORKBOOK (SET OF 4 Math activity BOOKS) is also available.


Wicked World Tour (Horrible Geography)

Kumon Logical Reasoning books
Olympiad Logical Reasoning books

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