Mar 252021
Review: The Paper Dolls
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The book cover along with paper dolls made by us

Title: The Paper Dolls

Author: Julia Donaldson

Type: Paperback

Age group: 2 – 6 years

We had bought the Julia Donaldson collection a couple of months ago and I introduce 2 titles from the collection to my 3 year old every month. What I love about Julia Donaldson books is that they are written so beautifully and make pretend play based on them so easy. Be it The Gruffalo or the Room on the Broom, we have loved pretend plays based on these.

When I took out the Paper Dolls book, I didn’t think it would become such a hit that my little girl would expect us to read it to her back to back for almost the whole week.

The book is beautifully written in easy language and has pleasing illustrations. I love how Rebecca Cobb has used everyday things to illustrate different animals. The main rhyming when the paper dolls say,

“You can’t get us. Oh no, no, no! We’re holding hands and we won’t let go”

…helps you introduce unity to a child in a very subtle way.

We made up a tune for this and every time the paper dolls have to say it, we sing it and sometimes even shake a leg to the tune.

Not only is the book a fun and light read, it has a beautiful message on how life comes to a full circle with the little girl growing up and making paper dolls with her own little girl. I found it very emotional and was surprised when my little girl said,

“Mamma can we make paper dolls. You teach me so I can teach my baby”.

Now, I know she doesn’t understand the meaning of this sentence when she says this, but it does fill my heart with lots of emotions!

This is definitely a must-have book for children! We are going to do pretend play based on the book this week :).

Our paper dolls

Julia Donaldson books are legendary. You can find them all here on Amazon.

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