Jan 232024

Review: Vocabulary Villa – Become a Grammar Guru

This book has taken boring grammar concepts and turned them into engaging stories. Each grammar concept is introduced by the mother of triplets (Roshni, Aman, and Rakhee), Mrs. Priya Menon who is an English teacher.

Jul 222023

Review: Shiva and Parvati in Magadhpur

Do Gods and Goddesses descend from the heavens to mingle amidst the mortals and test us?
Author Rachna Chhabria’s wonderful chapter book tells a tale of one such instance.

Oct 312022

Buddy is You & Me [Review]

Buddy was left on the street in half a conscious state. He was discovered by the Wild Pack and was soon included into this gang for his quick reflexes. And here starts the adventures of his life… 

Oct 222022

Review: Chaos In The Jungle And Other Stories

The book has 16 stories about animal behaviour like how mice use their techniques to get rid of cats, Kavya the elephant who wants to be slim like the deer and the lizard which helps a class of students in their examination.

Oct 112022

The Giggling Girl – A Giggling Riot! [Review]

The Giggling Girl is about a six-year old girl, Gargi, who giggles at everything, even in her sleep. She finds everything giggle-worthy be it is the sun coming out and melting a snowman…