Oct 112022
The Giggling Girl – A Giggling Riot! [Review]
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Book Title: The Giggling Girl
Author: Rachna Chhabria
Illustrator: Ankita Thakur
Publisher: Eklavya Foundation
Type: Paperback
Pages: 32
Recommended Age: 3-7 years

The Giggling Girl is about a six-year old girl, Gargi, who giggles at everything, even in her sleep. She finds everything giggle-worthy be it the sun coming out and melting a snowman or when the steam from the tea makes her grandfather’s glasses foggy or when her little sibling gets scared by the pressure cooker’s whistle.

Every day situations in a very mundane life have been highlighted in the book. Gargi finds these situations so funny that she keeps giggling away and you are bound to giggle along, with her! Ishani, my 4.9 year year old, had a really hearty laugh at some of the incidents. On some pages, the illustrations themselves are so funny that you find yourself laughing even before reading the text! While some of the incidents like a car splashing muddy water on someone is not funny in real life but well, haven’t we all found it funny as kids when that happened to someone?

Children connect to the book because these are situations they are likely to have seen and have probably even giggled at them. A total laughter riot for us at home. Since Ishani is a giggling girl in real life too, she found it absolutely hilarious to find Gargi, who is like her!

And then, there is a surprise at the end. What does Gargi do when she is at the receiving end of this laughter? Does she still giggle? The end is Ishani’s favourite. Please head to the Amazon link below to get this book for yourself and your child to find out what Gargi does.

Personally, I always look for a key takeaway from each book I read with my child. We then try and discuss it and see if there is a learning hidden in it. This book shows how you can be happy by the most mundane things and be ready to accept the same behaviour that you show to others.

If you enjoyed this review and are a giggly person, be sure to buy the book from Amazon (kbc affiliate link), and get ready to laugh away!


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