Mar 292019
Review: Little Miss Splendid and the House with a View
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Book: Little Miss Splendid and the house with a view

Author: Roger Hargreaves


Ages: 3-8 years

I absolutely love this series by Roger Hargreaves. The cartoon characters are just so simple and fun. Every time I read a book from the series, it makes me feel happy. Maybe it is the characters too. I have at least seven books of this series. Every book is about a human natural quality like splendid, messy, mean and so on.

These books helped give my child an understanding of different behaviors and also most importantly how a certain behavior has an impact on others. That for a mom like me is  very important lesson to give to the child.

My son loves the colorful pictures and the cartoons. I find them just so adorable. They language is kept simple and easy to understand for even younger children. I would recommend this book for four years and above.

The story is about Miss Splendid and it describes how she is splendid. So, she is very neat and tidy and has a beautiful house. Now, she also has a neighbour, Mr. Mean. As the name suggest is the contrary. He lives in an ugly house. Sadly, Miss Splendid has to a terrible view from her house – Mr. Mean’s ugly house. She tried to build a wall between hers and Mr. Mean’s house so she doesn’t have to look at is every day. But each time the wall is found broken. At last she discovers that Mr. Mean used the bricks from the wall to make his own splendid and beautiful house.

For young children these books have a very simple lesson. I asked my five year old boy “How do you think Miss Splendid feels and should Mr. Mean do what he did?”

We then talk about how we can be more splendid and not at all like Mr. Mean.

There are many other story books that I recommend from this series. Some of my favourites are Mr. Messy and Mr. Bouncy’s Bouncy Day.   

Do check out the Mister Men books on Amazon as well as the Little Miss Collection on Amazon! They are all really funny books perfect to gift!

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