Aug 022020
Not One, but Two BFFs! #kbcBFF
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I’m sharing my 7 year old daughter Aparajita’s story for the #kbcBFF Contest !


I have two BFFs. In this story, let us call them H and A. I met H in Sr. Kg. and A in Class 1. H and A are very fun. We went on a field trip to Kidzania together. I loved the field trip. H loves art and craft. A loves to dress up. 


How I met my BFFs

How I met H

It was a warm school morning I was getting ready for  school 🏫. When my dad was taking me to the stop where I board my bus🚌, I was nervous and excited because I was going to a new school 🏫. When I entered the class I saw a girl smiling at me. I knew she was going to be a good friend 😁. But she did not be my bff at that time. Only in Class 1 she became my bff. This was the story of how I became  friends with H.


How I met A

In Class 1, I met A on the first day. I probably did not ask her to be my friend. But I became friends with her after some days. Oh! I just remembered I had got a fracture so whenever my 2nd break used to happen, both H and A used to take me to the sink to wash my hands. This is how I met A.


I have not seen my friends since 4 months. But we feel happy to see each other in our Zoom classes. Oh lovely friends 

I wish you a very happy friendship day ❤️😍🤗☺️❤️😍😘!

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