Aug 022020
The Football Bully #kbcBFF
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Posting this on behalf of my son, R. Kaimal, 7 years old for the #kbcBFF Contest.

One day *Lui was playing in the park with his friends. A boy named *Billy grabbed his football and ran towards the fence. Billy was angry because Lui was not passing the ball to him. This made him very upset. Lui then ran with his friend towards his mom who was talking to the other moms of the neighbourhood.

Then Lui’s mom came to the fence where Billy was holding Lui’s football over the edge of the fence. Lui’s mom started to talk to Billy and while he was distracted, one of Lui’s friends quietly climbed behind Billy. Lui also climbed on the fence and pushed the football out of his hands to the ground. Lui’s friend kept the ball away from Billy. Lui’s friends stood by Lui and shouted: “Stop it!”

When Billy realized the ball was no longer in his hands he got so furious that he punched Lui’s stomach. Lui’s mom started to scold Billy and his Nanny. Billy had also troubled other children in the past.

Lui’s mom said, “I need to speak to your Mom. We do not hurt others.”

Billy started to cry and pleaded not to tell his mom.

Lui was so furious that his eyes turned red and started to water. Lui continued to play football with his friends. Billy did not trouble them.

Lui felt happy that he had good friends that helped him against Billy.

*Names of children have been changed.

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