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Developing Minds of the Universe #kbcBFF
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I am Utkrishta Manuja studying in class II at Our Lady of Fatima Sr Sec School, Aligarh. I am 7 years old and love to read new stories from the story books I have. When my father asked what inspired me to read so well, my answer was my friend Zynah Fatima, who has been my inspiration. The way my friend used to read fluently in class was astonishing and inspiration for the whole class.

Zynah, first became a favorite of class teacher, and thereafter everyone in the class was nice to her, polite and friendly. She is a real inspiration for all sections of class II, with an innovative thinking, brilliant fluent English read and quick decisions.

When I asked my friend how she was able to read so fluent English in the class, Zynah had a simple answer. Regularly reading stories from the books which her grandfather had bought, helped her in develop the skills to read fluently. Not only this helped her develop habits of reading and learning easily, but also in gathering new ideas, which has helped her in taking quick decisions in her life.

Her mother is a assistant professor at Aligarh Muslim University and believes that education is the most precious treasure anyone can have. She also told that, education is the most powerful weapon which will help us girls bringing up future generations.

Now, that my friend Zynah was spending more time in reading and gathering new words from literature, she was spending less time on screen. Screen time is time spent on phone and computer, which restrict a child from reading and gathering habits to love books and stories. Off-screen time when spent with books even makes us students love them and make us emotionally, and mentally fit, which helps develop confidence in class. Making us students an inspiration for school teachers, classmates, as well as younger members of the family.

Now, since last year I have read numerous stories and fiction books related to nature, history, science and even moral values and religion. I have become fluent in reading like my friend. Now, I am also helping Vihaan (my younger brother) to read and learn new words, who is still in kindergarten and learning to read.

Me and my friend Zynah are now an inspiration to many in the class and are helping classmates climb up leader in academic path. I have won a set of encyclopedia from The Energy and Resources institute which I recently finished reading. I have also been a winner for writing story on “Life in a lockdown” recently at national competition.

Surely, students like me and Zynah who are taking out time for reading books and staying away from screen habits are helping our batch mates develop minds of universe. We are helping them to come-out of their game rooms and think about global issues and challenges.

I have also become more concentrated in writing as well as drawing and alongside reading and learning, I am also developing drawings on global issues like child labor and climate change and trying to bring about awareness among the society members.


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