Aug 022020
The Three Friends Forever (AYI) #kbcBFF
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This is my soon-to-be 7 year old daughter’s entry for the #kbcBFF Contest.

Hello my name is Amyra Wadhwa and my two best friends are Ivaan and Yavania. We met in nursery and have been best friends ever since. We went to the same section and soon became best friends forever. We even introduced our parents to each other and now our parents are also friends!

Now let me tell you a secret, we introduced our parents so that we could meet each other anytime. Our teachers said that we were never apart so in Grade 1 we were put in different sections, but this too couldn’t keep us apart. Yavania’s class and my class were opposite to each other. So we always met up in breaks.

We play lots of games together like monopoly and many more games. We love running outside with each other. Yavania and I enjoy shopping together. We buy the same clothes. Our mummies say that they have to buy everything in duplicate. All of us have even acted in two plays together. We celebrate all festivals together.

We have gone on vacations together. Our friendship has grown as we grow. After corona, we have not been able to meet but we have long zoom calls everyday. We have even invented a new game called the Chat Game!

I love my friends and so I even wrote a book for my friends, ‘When the Cloud Sulked!’

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