May 032021
Review: Have You Met the Anglo-Indians?
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Book: Have you met the Anglo-Indians?
Author & Illustrator: Anastasia Damani
Publisher: Puffin Books (An imprint of Penguin Random House)
Type: Paperback
Age Group: 5-8 years

We were elated to receive a colourful weekend surprise, our prize for the #kbchaveyoumetboogie contest. A big thank you Kids Book Café, Asha Chaudhry, Anastasia Damani and Puffin Books for spreading some cheer through this contest.

A powerhouse book!

Have you met the anglo-indians? is a powerhouse book. It’s a vibrant book taking us through the traditions, food and festivals of a lesser-known community in India.

This book introduces us to “the Lovedales”, an anglo-indian family. Anglo-Indians are families who are of both British and Indian descent. We discovered so much through this book – the architecture of bow barracks, folk music (we tried singing paper pins too 😀 ), the lingo (Sharav laughed his heart out reading about it) and also about the “iconic anglo-indians” like Ruskin Bond and Derek O’Brien. There couldn’t have been any better way to know and celebrate the diversity in India.

We did try a conversation in the anglo-indian style–

Sharav: Mumma you look like a ‘Chutney Mary’ (someone who’s dressed in a silly manner.)

Me: Thank you very much.

Sharav: ‘ You’re Welcome, Magarmach.’

And we had a hearty laugh!

The book scores high on simplicity and vivid illustrations. I made no extra effort to explain anything at all to Sharav.

Everything from art & craft to food recipes to music & dance!

The most exciting part of this highly interactive book is the activities given throughout the book. It has everything from art & craft to food recipes to music and dance.

This book for us is “a complete infotainment.”

Our reading session ended on a high with laughter, music and dance. We are looking forward excitedly to welcome the other book from the ‘Have You Met‘ series soon.

Do you like meeting new people? Are you stuck in this pandemic and don’t know how? Just a click and meet the lovable ‘Lovedales” in the comfort of your home.

Happy Reading!!

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