Jun 182021
Review: Have You Met The Parsis?
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Title – Have You Met The Parsis?
Author and Illustrator – Anastasia Damani
Published by Puffins Books, Penguin Random House
Type – Paperback
Age group – 6-8 years (plus anyone who is interested in knowing different communities)

I am posting this review on behalf of my daughter (9 years old) Prisha Ambi. She has won this book in a contest #kbchaveyoumetgoodness.

The Theatrewalas are taking us on such an amazing journey to learn about THE PARSIS! This book has so many amazing illustrations done by the author herself! There are many things in this fantabulous book. There are idioms for e.g., aafat par eeda, meaning: problem after problems. There are also scrumptious recipes that make your mouth water even after you look at the drawings!

This book also talks about marriages of the Parsis and I have fallen in love with the China- Chini pattern done by the master craftsmen from China. I love the words Dikra, Dikri they use for a young boy and a girl respectively.

There are wonderful activities which you can do. One of my favourites is the fish shape rangolis! Fish is the good luck symbol for all the Parsis who came from Persia. Want to learn more? Please read this wondrously delightful book which has many vibrant illustrations!

I have also tried making Maggi Par Eeda! It’s my own version of “par eeda” with my all time favourite yummylicious Maggi which was inspired by one of the delicious recipes in this book! I felt out of the world when I took the first bite of Maggi Par Eeda.

Special Note – I got to know that why their surnames end with “wala” and the reason is Parsis when moved to India, wanted to maintain a special identification while documenting so they used their surnames depending on their profession ending with “wala”. Thank you for this clarification Anastasia aunty.

My take

I love this book because it provokes us to learn more and more about different communities and people.

You can read the review of the other book in this series called HAVE YOU MET THE ANGLO INDIANS?

If you enjoyed this review and are eager to order the book from Amazon (kbc affiliate link) as well as make par eeda recipes


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