Apr 062021
Review : A Musical Road Trip
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Title: A Musical Road Trip

Author: Shyama Panikkar

Illustrated by: Lotta Farber

Type: Hardcover

Age group: 2 – 8 years

It is no secret that there are numerous benefits of introducing music during the early years of childhood. I still remember how my grandmother and mousi used to sing lullabies to make me, my brother and all my cousins sleep during our childhood days. May be it is from then, I had an attachment to music.

When Avi was in my tummy, I used to sing to him most of the days and during his baby days, he used to listen attentively and enjoy watching me sing to him. Today hearing him gives me such happiness.

The book, A Musical Road Trip by Shyama Panikkar is truly a beautiful road trip filled with fun and music. The best way to introduce little ones to the world of music for it introduces the Swaras or the 7 notes.

Shyama has tries to narrate the origin and meaning of the seven notes in a simple way that keeps the little ones engaged. The illustrations are bright and colourful. Join Tara as she unravels the bond between music and animals and birds.

Her book is definitely a must have which is perfect to introduce classical music to the little ones.

Added by Asha on Aug 30, 2021 – Shyama’s next book Bounce, Hop, Raaga Pop has been released.

ADDED ON OCT 18, 2023: Shyama’s third book The Secret Songster for 4-10 years has just been released. In her words,

The Secret Songster is a sweet and simple, small chapter book for early readers, which talks about friendship, confidence and conveys the message, that Music belongs to all!

Quoting Sowmya,

‘The Secret Songster’ is a story about how music helps you ‘find your voice’ when words may fail, discovering courage and chasing your dreams.

We are introduced to three feathery friends in Bird Valley: Babli the bulbul, a natural born singer whose singing talents are well-known, Chiru the crow, who loves music and enjoys singing despite the hoarse timbre of his voice and our bussing super star, Sona the shama, a bathroom singer who doubts herself and shies away from singing in public!

The Musical Book Bundle (all 3 books together) comes at an attractive offer!

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