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Grab Some Super Deals on Children’s Books Box Sets on Amazon!
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Who can resist a massive discount? Every time a sale on Amazon happens, the deal-seeker in me comes to life and goes bananas!

When my child was little, if I came across a series of books – I would just buy a dozen. To gift kids who came home for play dates (so they wouldn’t want to take home some of my child’s fav books!), or for b’day parties and especially for return gifts for my child’s b’day.

Now that she is 12 years old, the only thing that has changed now is that I stock up for birthdays (and not play dates or sleepovers!!) so we don’t have to run around looking for a gift, last minute!

Since Amazon sales keep happening a few times a year, I thought of compiling a list of box sets of MUST READ books, award winning authors, bestsellers, recommended books for different age groups.

DISCLAIMER: These photographs are indicative – please check which exact books will be included in your box set on Amazon itself.

Happy Shopping. May you be able to make the most of every sale!!

My First Library: Box Set of 10 Board Books, Box Set of 20 Board Books for ages 0-5 years
Almost all of our members own this set and recommend it to gift as well. It makes the perfect first set of board books for your baby!

My First 100 Box Set (set of 5 books) for ages 1-5 years.

Mythology Series of Krishna, Ganesha, Hanuman, Durga, Shiva, Saraswati, Lakshmi (mini board books) by Om Books for ages 0-4 years. (all under Rs 100)
Cutout board books by Om Books – Tiger, Horse, Bus, Car, Train, Rabbit, Penguin, Elephant, etc for ages 0-4 years. (all under Rs 100)

Ladybird Read It Yourself Level 1 (pizza box of 6 books) for ages 2-5 years.
Ladybird Read it Yourself Level 2 (pizza box set of 6 books) for ages 3-5 years.
Ladybird RIY Level 3 (box set of 6 books) for ages 3-6 years.
Ladybird RIY Level 4 (box set of 6 books) for ages for 4-7 years

Pepper books really help toddlers dealing with emotions and for learning good manners, how to share, eat green veggies, how to help at home, about tantrums, about jealousy etc. These books are very affordable and kids seem to love pepper!
Pepper Series Set 1 (6 books) for ages 2-6 years
Pepper Series Set 3 (6 books) for ages 2-6 years
Pepper Series Set 4 (6 books) for ages 2-6 years
Pepper Series Set 5 (6 books) for ages 2-6 years

The Berenstain Bears first time books (link to collections and single books). A must in every toddler’s library – these books help in solving specific toddler issues.

Dreamland Activity Books for all ages!
Sticker books for little munchkins!
Colouring books for all ages
Scrabble and word game books for all ages
Wipe and Clean writing books for active toddlers who need to be kept busy in a constructive way so they don’t engage in destruction of the house!!!

A Classic Case of Dr. Seuss (box set of 20 books) for ages 3-5 years
Dr. Seuss books need no introduction at all. They fall in the must read, must have and must gift category!
All the Dr. Seuss books are listed individually and can be bought here.

Julia Donaldson collection (pack of 10 books) for ages 2-7 years
Julia Donaldson collection (pack of 10 books including Monkey Puzzle which is very popular amongst our #kbcChildoos 🙂 ) – 2-7 years
Julia Donaldson and Lydia Monks (pack of 8 glitter books) for ages 2-6 years
We have many book reviews on Julia Donaldson’s books and our members insist every child must read and have a few of her books in his/her personal library :).

Oliver Jeffers – Once there was a boy box set
Pic cred: Roma Dhar

Once there was a boy by Oliver Jeffers (box set of 4 books) – 2-5 years
Books by Oliver Jeffers are must haves and make wonderful gifts! Our members really cherish his award winning books. Read reviews here.

Usborne Phonics Readers (box set of 20 titles) for ages 3-5 years.
We have quite a few book reviews of Usborne Phonics Readers by parents.

Everyone loves Peppa Pig! Pic cred: Kavitta Rathorr

Peppa Pig Little Library (set of 6 little board books) for ages 2-6 years
Peppa Pig Fairy Tale Little Library (set of 6 board books) for ages 2-6 years
Peppa Pig Bedtime Little Library (set of 4 board books) for ages 2-6 years
Peppa Pig is one of the favourite characters in the house! Our lil members are huge Peppa Pig fans. Check out reviews here.

Eric Carle’s legendary books and book sets for ages 2-5 years. No personal library is complete without Eric Carle’s books!!

Mister Men and Little Miss series of books are must haves. Every child should have at least 3-5 of these books in their personal library (according to my child!)
The boxset is a steal!
Mister Men boxset of 48 books is going at an unbelievable price!!

Dealing with Feelings series by Sonia Mehta for ages 5 years+
Dealing with Feelings by Sonia Mehta Boxset 1 (6 books) for ages 5 years+

Princess Fairy Tales Boxset (set of 10 classic children’s fairy tales) for ages 3-8 years

Duckbill’s hOle Books (boxset of 21 books) – age 5-10 years
hOle books come highly recommended by ALL of our members – they are very creative, funny and address different topics in a sensitive way. Every child must have AT LEAST ONE hOle book. Perfect for gifting on birthdays. We have gifted Timmi in Tangles to many kids!

Magic Tree House Series and Sets for ages 6-9 years
Magic Tree House Fact Tracker (non fiction) series for ages 7-10 years

Naughtiest Girl by Enid Blyton (box set of 10 paperback books) for ages 7-9 years. Kids who love to read about pranks in school simply adore this series.

Five Find-Outers mystery books by Enid Blyton for ages 7 years+

Secret Seven by Enid Blyton (box set of 15 books) for ages 8 years+
Another must read mystery series we all grew up on!

Malory Towers series and collections by Enid Blyton for ages 8 years+
Boarding school adventures and more!

St. Clare’s Collection by Enid Blyton (box set of 9 books) for ages 8 years+
St Clare’s Collection 1 (set of 3 books) for ages 8 years+
St Clare’s book collection – sets of 9/3/singles for ages 8 years+

Famous Five by Enid Blyton (box set of 21 books) for ages 8 years+

Amelia Bedelia (box set of 10) for ages 8-10 years

pic source: Anjali Gadre’s children’s personal library

Roald Dahl’s Collection (box set of 15 books) for ages 7 years+
All of our parent members and their kids swear by Roald Dahl’s entertaining books! Read some reviews here.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid Collection (box set of 10 books) for ages 8-12 years.
Our tween members (especially my own childoo) are crazy about this hilarious series. An 11 year old’s review to give you an idea…

Tom Gates (box set of 9 funny books) for ages 8 years+
Anyone who reads Wimpy Kid, adores Tom Gates! Very popular with the tweens in the house (my house as well!)

Harry Potter box set (set of 7 volumes) for ages 8 years+
Harry Potter boxset (set of 3 volumes) for ages 8 years+
For younger kids (6/7 years+ depending on the reading level) – Illustrated edition of Harry Potter
If you have a potterhead at home, this is the best gift ever!

Pic source: Anjali Gadre’s children’s personal library

The World of David Walliams (book set of 8 funny books) for ages 7 years+
David Walliams is another must read author. We keep gifting his books (and have quite a few in our personal library!)

The Adventures of Tintin books and sets for ages 9 years+

Ruskin Bond books for children – 8 years+
Sudha Murty books of short stories – 9 years+

Rick Riordan books – 10-15 years

Alex Rider Anniversary Collection (box set of 10) – 10+ years

[Note from Team Kids Book Café: For your convenience, affiliate links (MARKED IN PINK) to some of the books have been added to enable you to buy the books from AMAZON, should you wish to! A very small amount of money comes to when you purchase a book via the amazon affiliate link provided (at no extra cost to you!). Do let us know if you’d like to buy some other children’s books that are not listed here yet, by writing to]

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