Mar 252021
An Unforgettable Evening #kbcPetUntrouble
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This is our entry for #kbcPetUntrouble contest. I am posting my daughter (9 years old) Prisha Ambi’s diary extract for this contest.


Dear Diary,

I want to share something terribly amazing! I was with my cousin sister at her home, yesterday evening for a sleepover. My chikkappa went upstairs to my home to bring my toothbrush. When he came back, he informed us that a Persian kitten (2 or 3 months old) trespassed into our home. At first, we thought, my parents made up a story to cancel our sleepover, but when we made a video call, we saw a real kitten at my home. I then and there itself insisted to go upstairs to my home.

When we reached, I saw my mom was in a very happy and excited mode. When I dashed inside, I saw the most adorable kitten who was drinking milk in the kitchen.  I was too flabbergasted and dazzled to speak.  

It had a pure white fur coat with light brown ears and tail. I named it Chocolate. I was not sure whether Chocolate was male or female. Chocolate was trying to climb on our sofa and after much efforts it climbed and sat there for a while. We watched him/her running here and there on its tiny paws. We then said good bye to this adorable kitten and went to my cousin’s home to continue our sleepover.

After an hour or so, my mother called us and informed that the kitten had escaped from the floor just above us and that the pet parent came to take it. The pet parent also informed my mother that Chocolate happens to be a male kitten.

My mother who was totally against the idea of any pet, but now talks about this kitten frequently and told me that I can adopt a kitten, when I grow little older so that I can take the pet’s responsibility! Chocolate was with us just half an hour and made his place in our hearts permanently. Mom and dad had taken his pictures and they are so adorable to cherish his stay with us.

Bye for now as it’s time to read a book.

Love, Prisha Meow, Meow

Can not get over this cutie

UPDATE MARCH 29, 2021.

What Prisha didn’t realise is that the “Pet Parent” was actually selling these Persian Kittens! There were 5-6 available for sale. So, I listened to my heart. You can read more about what happened in Prisha’s diary…


Dear Diary,

Update on Chocolate

My mother is so much in love with the kitten, she finally decided to bring Chocolate home. She called the pet parent and asked all the information about Chocolate like his food, vaccination, etc. We did shopping for him. Finally today we brought little Chocolate home and he really is a tangle of mischief. He is my brother and I am really excited to give him a bath tomorrow. I gotta take care of him now so bye!

Love Prisha, Scratch, Meow.

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