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Review: The Girl Who Loved To Run – P.T. Usha
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Book Title: The Girl Who Loved To Run – P.T. Usha (Dreamers Series)
Author & Illustrator: Lavanya Karthik
Publication: Duckbill–An imprint of Penguin Random House
Type: Paperback
No. of Pages: 48
Age Group: 6-9 years (publisher’s recommendation is 7 years+)

This is the second enchanting book we’ve delved into from the captivating ‘Dreamers Series,’ (the first being The Girl Who Loved Words – Mahasweta Devi) and our hearts were already captivated long before we even opened its pages. That’s the profound effect these biographies have had on us.

While we’re familiar with the iconic P.T. Usha, known as the golden girl, through our school books, what sets this book apart is its masterful storytelling that skillfully captures the dilemmas and innocence of P.T. Usha during her younger days, making it relatable and inspiring for children.

We all recognize P.T. Usha as the trailblazing Indian woman who competed in the Olympic Games and earned numerous medals at national and international levels. However, this book offers a glimpse into Usha’s childhood, the beginnings of her athletic journey, and the person who recognized and nurtured her talent.

In a seemingly ordinary school day for young Usha, as she joyfully engages in a game of blind man’s buff with her friends on the school premises, an unforeseen observer silently watches her every move. Little does she know that this encounter will become the pivotal moment that alters the trajectory of her life forever. Who was the observer and how did that one incident changed her life makes for the rest of the story.

For a long time, my daughter held the belief that biographies/autobiographies were generally boring, but the books in this series changed her perspective. The crispness of the narrative, the engaging storytelling, and the captivating illustrations by author-illustrator Lavanya Karthik won her over.

In this particular book, Lavanya drew inspiration from Kerala mural art, a fitting tribute to the golden girl hailing from Kerala. The illustrations are vibrant and exquisite.

I wholeheartedly recommend every book in the ‘Dreamers Series,’ including this one, for both school and home libraries. They also make splendid gift choices.

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