Jul 082023

Review: The Boy Who Wanted to Fly: J.R.D Tata

The book begins by providing a brief account of JRD Tata’s early life and his journey to establish himself in the world. Jeh, as he was known during his childhood, had parents from different backgrounds – his mother was French and his father was Indian.

Jun 212023

Review: Rockstar in a Sari!

All Usha wanted was to be successful in what she loved doing the most – singing. But it wasn’t easy at all. Her unique voice was not liked by everyone, and her music teacher refused to let her join the school choir because of this.

Apr 062023

When I first got this book I was very excited to read it because I knew Milkha Singh as The Flying Sikh but I didn’t know about his life. I had to read on to find about his sheer determination and zeal to prove himself. The book has touched me in a way I can’t explain.