Jun 062023
Review: The Incredible Life Of Savitribai Phule: The Fearless Reformer
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Title: The Incredible Life Of Savitribai Phule: The Fearless Reformer
Author: Swati Sengupta
Publisher: Talking Cub – An imprint of Speaking Tiger Books
Genre: Non-fiction / Biography
Type: Paperback
Pages: 122
Recommended age: 8 – 11 years (publisher recommendation is 10-12 years)

This book provides children a fascinating description of the history of India. Savitribai Phule’s life unfolds before our eyes as we flip through the pages of this beautiful book. It has attractive, eye catching and enthralling illustrations. It shows us how the coming of the Britishers helped the Indians to a certain extent. This shows children the value of words, letters and books. It depicts the fight for the freedom of women who are trapped in locks and cages.

When Savitribai was married to Jyotirao Phule at a young age, she despised the fact that women had to clean and cook whereas men could learn. Jyotirao remedied his wife’s sadness through learning. He ensured that Savitribai would be well-educated. They decided to start a school together for girls. But when everyone becomes an obstacle in their path, how do they overcome those struggles? What will they do when even their family turns against them?

This beautiful book teaches children the evils that reigned over India in the olden days. It shows how women were considered inferior to men and were prevented from learning, how if their husband died, they had to shave off their long locks of hair as a token of sacrifice and how they had to do all the household chores alone. This book has a large dollop of courage, a dash on the value of education, a spoonful on the pain of India and a large drizzle of anger. At the end of a chapter, there are bits of information you can read to understand the history better.

This is a beautiful must-read book for both children and adults. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it!

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