May 232019
Review: The Great Chocoplot
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Book: The Great Chocoplot      

Author: Chris Callaghan

Type: Paperback

Ages: 8-12 years

(Note from Asha: This is being posted by me on behalf of my childoo Aarini, aka #the11yearold)

First of all, it’s a delicious book! (it’s not edible though). Also, you might wanna keep a bar of chocolate with you, because from the minute you start reading this book, you will crave for chocolate.

This book is about a girl named Jelly Welly (short for Jennifer Wellington), who lives in the chocolate factory town of Chompton-On-De-Lyte, with her mom, dad and grandma. And not to forget, her neighbors who love to gossip.

It all starts when there is news about a Chocopocalypse (the tragic end of chocolate!) that is about to happen. There are only 6 days left until there will be no chocolate left. Everyone is terribly miserable and angry, all except Garibaldi Chocolati.

Unlike the rest of the town, he isn’t devastated about the approaching Chocopocalypse! This seems strange as he is an owner of a very posh chocolate store and he should be the most nervous, unless he has something to hide. Jelly finds this whole situation highly suspicious and tries to get to the bottom of it accompanied by her Grandma.

What I like the most about this book (apart from the chocolaty parts) is that it’s hilarious. The plot has lots of unexpected twists and turns which keeps you wondering. And of course, the fact that Jelly’s partner in the investigation is her Grandma – I mean, how cool is that?

We bought this book around 3 years ago and I still have it!

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