May 242019
Review: Flying High
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Book: Flying High

Author: Geeta Dharmarajan.

Type: Paperback

Publishers: Katha

Age: 3-7 years

Especially for space loving kids!

We won this Katha book from The Curious Owl and Kids Book Café Review-a-Book Contest .

The cover was enough to get Raina – my  6 year old daughter interested. She has recently started to enjoy non- fiction books, so a book about a real astronaut with real images of spaceships and space super excited her.

The book is about Suni Pandya (Sunita Williams). It has short, easy-to-read sentences. Both of my kids (my son is 3 years old) were attracted to the full page high quality pictures.

When I asked Raina what her favorite part was, she said, “The picture with the earth where we can see India!”

She asked me quite a few questions after we read the book:

“How did Sunita become an astronaut?”

“What do astronauts do in space?”

“What hard work did she do? “

“What is meaning of hard work?

(The concept of hard work, study hard is new I guess!)

And finally she declared, “Mummy I’ll go to space too but I’ll come back in one day!”

The last few pages are dedicated to some activities – something that all kids will enjoy. There are a few open ended questions for the kids at the end too, which were so much fun to do.

I used this book as a start to teach about gravity, spacewalk, space stations etc.

Do get this book! Seeing pictures and learning about a real astronaut/space is something that they will thoroughly enjoy.

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