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Some books, some rain, this July!
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Every month our members grab/recommend some interesting reads and share them with us in the super active fb group. Here is this month’s awesome finds as shared by everyone…


Five Clever Mice (Count to 5) for 1.5 years + Vichithra highly recommends this interactive book. Inside pages have been shared here. Quoting her:

“This book just reminded me of Tom and jerry cartoon. It’s a hide-and-seek book with peep through and raised cut-outs. How 5 smart mice plan to get cheese by tricking the cat is the story and we enjoy reading it by counting from 1 to 5 with interactivities like peep through and feeling the edges of cut-outs and mice. It can be narrated as picture story for little ones as the text is little more and can do read aloud with counting for 2.5 years+.”

Five Funny Eggs (Count to 5)
Igloo Little Me Buggy Board series is very popular
Farm (Little Me – Buggy Board)
Wild Animals (Little Me – Buggy Board)
First Learning Shapes (Tiny Tots Touch and Feel) Board book
Look And Find Colours (Tiny Tots Search & Seek)
My Little Library of Stories for Girls 
My Little Library of Sleepy Stories (My Little Storytime Library)

Mama Needs A Minute (16 pages) for 1.5 years+. Vichithra highly recommends this and has shared the inside pages here. In her words: “Author beautifully describes how mom would be there for little ones most of the time like when teaching, playing, eating but mumma also need some time for bathing, getting dressed, to have a sip of coffee and so on. Simple illustrations by Nicole Sloan yet appropriate and child friendly.”

Donut Give Up (Punderland) – Vichithra has shared the inside pages in the fb group and recommends it for 1.5-3 years. “This is an utterly delicious book for encouraging little ones in a funny and foody way. I just wanna add what author has described about this book in back cover which I found very interesting. ” Give your PEANUT a little encourageMINT with this little DELICIOUSLY pun-derful book. It’s a PEARfect way to show them how we are BERRY proud of them. I’m still decoding the foody words that are replaced for those motivating and inspiring quotes for little children. I really admire the idea of the author and the words and illustration is attractive and YUMMYlicious.” There are lots of other board books by this author.

Wild Week by Barefoot Books (16 pages)

Robin Robin: A Push, Pull and Slide Book (10 pages)
Robin Robin: The Official Book of the Film (32 pages)


Who Was Jackie Robinson?: A Who Was? Board Book (Who Was? Board Books) for 2-4 years (26 pages). There is an entire series called Who Was? Board Books as well.

Big Ideas For Little Environmentalists: Ecosystems with Rachel Carson (20 pages) – Vichithra has shared inside pages here in the fb group.
There are other books in this awesome series BIG IDEAS FOR LITTLE ENVIRONMENTALISTS!

Make Me Smile (Picture Flats) by Igloo (24 pages)
The Magical Toy Box by Parragon (24 pages)
Fairy Sparkle’s Secret Wish Paperback (24 pages)
The Naughtiest Fairy (24 pages)
1001 Things to Find Spooky
Superheroes Mix & Match Colouring (Mixed-up Colouring)
Little Elf’s Activity Bag (Sticker Colouring Grab Bag)
Reindeer’s Activity Bag (Sticker Colouring Grab Bag) 
Funtime: Dot-to dot
Awesome Activities
Dinosaur Warriors Fire Paperback
5 Minute Tales Pirate Stories (Young Story Time) – 48 pages
Barbie I Can Be a Movie Reporter 
Amazing Facts of Birds & Animals

MICHELLE OBAMA: The Fantastically Feminist (and Totally True) Story of the Inspirational Activist and Campaigner (Nov 2022) for 6-10 years (32 pages)
Little Ellen by Ellen DeGeneres for 4-8 (32 pages) – Asha just ordered this!
Rescue and Jessica: A Life-Changing Friendship for 5-9 years (32 pages)
I am Lucille Ball (Ordinary People Change the World) for 5-9 years (40 pages). There are at least 22 books in this ORDINARY PEOPLE CHANGE THE WORLD series.

Paddington’s Suitcase (boxset of 8 story books) Payal has this and recommends it!!
Paddington’s Post: With real mail to open and enjoy! (another one Payal and her son adore)
Paddington Little Library Board book (set of 4 small books for smallies)

My Family and Other Families: Finding the Power in Our Differences (32 pages) for 3-5 years

Noodle Head by Giles Andreae (32 pages)


Big City Kitty (Picture Storybooks) (32 pages)

The Not So Scary Story for 3-6 years (32 pages)

Bright Stanley and the Cave Monster for 3-6 years (32 pages)

Tibble And Grandpa (32 pages)

Princess Smartypants Breaks the Rules (32 pages) There are other books in this series.

Ned and the Great Garden Hamster Race: a story about kindness (32 pages)

That’s Not My Name! by Anoosha Syed for 3-6 years (32 pages) – about standing up for yourself, loving your name. Shefali has shared a review in the fb group here. Excerpts: “The book is about a little girl named “Mirha” who is about to start afresh at a school. Though she is excited for this new journey, she faces a setback on the very first day since many kids/teachers called her by different names like Mina, Miro, Murha, Meera, Meha, etc. She felt sad, but reluctant at the same time to correct everyone. She wondered “Why can’t anyone say my name right?”, “my family says it correctly, why can’t others!”.”

The Calm Book (32 pages)

The Nice Book by David Ezra Stein (award winning author of the Interrupting Chicken series) for 1-3 years.

Two Can Play by Margaret Sturton (32 pages). Her first book, A Fox Called Herbert for 2-5 years (32 pages) is acclaimed. It is an inclusive book about celebrating who we are and supporting our loved ones.

Bug Bear by Patricia Hegarty for 3-6 years

Hello, Ninja. Goodbye, Tooth! (I can read level -1 – 32 pages)

Arnie, the Doughnut for 4-8 years (40 pages)

Swarm of Bees – 48 pages

Star of the Party: The Solar System Celebrates! for 4-8 (40 pages)

My First Dinosaur Roar! Sticker Book 

A Pirate’s Guide to Landlubbing (Jonny Duddle) (64 pages). There is an entire Jonny Duddle series of Pirate books and activity books.

I Can Draw Animals (Usborne Playtime). Shefali has this and highly recommends it as her almost 4 yo is enjoying it. She has shared inside pages here. In her words, “With a little help, Emma drew two trucks and a lion face. She had so much fun, and felt like a winner on drawing for the first time instead of just coloring. It made her wonder how she can draw her own pictures now, for she was growing tired of coloring endlessly.

Kids having an eye for art, can start with these books. Perfect for beginner level. Simple step by step instructions to draw different types of trucks and animals, and these books come in other categories too.”
All the other books in this USBORNE PLAYTIME series can be found here.

Nothing Like a Puffin for 4-6 years (40 pages)

National Geographic Readers- Peek, Otter] 
The Day The Dinosaurs Died for 4-8 years – i can read level 2 (48 pages)

Animal Antics E-J First Grade Reader Box Set: Scholastic Early Learners (Guided Reader) – boxset of 16 books

The Monster Who Could Not Climb a Tree by Tanya Majmudar for 8-10 years (28 pages) recommended by author Nandita Da Cunha

Out Of Season by Erin Lee (50 pages) for 4-8 years

FINANCIAL LITERACY A-Z, by Snehha Naarsaria for 4-7 years
Ma’s Financial Literacy Series – Box, 5-15 years, Best To Train Children On Money And Make Them Financially Sound Snehha Naarsaria


Lotus Lane Books for 6-8 years

Emmas Strange Pet (i can read level – 3) for 4-8 years (64 pages)

DK Dinosaur Club: The Compsognathus Chase for 5-7 years (96 pages)

Noah Wild and the Floating Zoo for 5-8 years (128 pages)
Freddie Mole, Lion Tamer (128 pages)

Piggy Handsome: Guinea Pig Destined for stardom  5-7 years (192 pages).

5 Minute Ghost Stories for 6-8 years (80 pages)

Mr. Will Needs to Chill! for 6-10 years (112 pages) from MY WEIRDEST SCHOOL series

DESMOND COLE GHOST PATROL series for 5-9 years (128 pages)

Freddie Mole, Lion Tamer (128 pages)

The Pug who wanted to be series for 5-8 years (160 pages)

Johnny Boo Chapter Books Graphic Novels
Johnny Boo Goes to School: 13 (Johnny Boo (#13) for 4-6 years (40 pages)
Johnny Boo and the Mean Little Boy

My Teacher’s a Robot! for 6-7 years (64 pages)


Daisy and the Trouble with Giants (A Daisy Story) by Kes Gray for 5-9 years (240 pages). There are more books in the A Daisy Story series.

MY HAMSTER IS A PIRATE (112 pages). This book is part of the Stinky and Jinks series for 7-9 years

Journey to the Centre of the Earth (Usborne Young Reader) for 7-10 years (64 pages)

THE HAPPINESS TRAIN by Nandini Nayar (176 pages)

How to Train Your Dad (192 pages) – by the same author is this award winning book The Winter Room (Scholastic Gold) (128 pages)

A Gathering of Giants (240 pages). This is part of the HOW TO BE A HERO series.

Super Zero and the Clone Crisis by Jane De Suza for 8-12 years (308 pages)

Journey to the River Sea (Macmillan Collector’s Library) (320 pages)

Brilliant by Roddy Doyle for 10 years+ (256 pages)

The Anti-Book Raphael Simon for 8-12 years (320 pages)

Cloud Boy for 9-12 years (208 pages)

THUNDERBOLT by Wilbur Smith for 10 years+ (288 pages)

WHERE THE WOODS END for 10-14 years (304 pages)

Extra Chromosome, Extra Ordinary love for 10 years+ (78 pages)

The Chronicles of Enchanted Realms by Evelyn May for 9-12 years


Poo! What is That Smell?: Everything You Need to Know About the Five Senses (Science Sorted) for 7-9 years (176 pages).
There are other books in this SCIENCE SORTED series.



Community Helper Activity Binders for Toddlers Aged 1-4 years by LITTLE MINDS AT WORK

Activity Binders (SPACE) for Kids Aged 2-8 years by LITTLE MINDS AT WORK, Montessori Books for Kids

Leap Ahead Workbook Expert by Igloo FOR MATHS & ENGLISH across all ages starting from 3years onwards (3-11 years)

Oswaal One For All Olympiad Previous Years’ Solved Papers, Class-1 General Knowledge Book (Useful book for all Olympiads) (For 2023 Exam) – Amardeep uses and recommends this one.
Oswaal Olympiad books come highly recommended and are available for different classes as well as different subjects.

MTG WORKBOOKS FOR CLASS 1 (recommended by Shraddha)
MTG WORKBOOKS are highly recommended for Olympiad preparations. They are available for different classes as well as subjects.

Spectacular Science for 7 Year Olds

Vedic Mathematics Book Set (Set of 4) | Vedic Maths Books for Beginners (Sheth)

101 Fun Crossword Puzzles for Kids: First Children Crossword Puzzle Book for Kids Age 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10


Be Amazing! An inspiring guide to being your own champion for 9-12 years (144 pages)

We’ve Got This!: Six Steps to Build your Empathy Superpower FOR 7-11 years (128 pages)

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