Dec 232021
Neil Learns About Endangered and Extinct Animals with Zayn & Zoey [Review]
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Title: Zayn & Zoey Learn About Endangered Animals

Author & Publications: Zayn & Zoey Books [Curious Concepts Pvt. Ltd]

Type: Paperback

Age group: 3 – 8 years

My 4 year old dinosaur lover has always had trouble believing that dinosaurs are extinct. He never understood the concept that his favourite animal species could disappear. How could any animal species disappear? It was a topic I tried explaining several times to him, but gave up when he insisted that dinosaurs exist, we just havn’t seen them yet!

Zayn and Zoey Learn About Endangered Animals is a wonderful book meant for kids exactly like my son. The twins, Zayn and Zoey, visit a forest reserve, where the ranger explains why certain animals are endangered, and how if we humans are not careful, they could become extinct. I realised then, that in order to explain the term extinct, I should have explained the term “endangered” first.

The book very nicely explains why animals are getting endangered and lists the four main reasons – pollution, poaching, loss of habitat and climate change. Each of these reasons is explained in simple, easy to understand words. So, when my son asked why the rhinoceros is endangered while animals like dogs / cats are not, it was very easy to make him understand by explaining poaching and loss of habitat for rhinos.

The book goes on to list animals that are endangered, with brief information about each one including where they live, why they are endangered and how many are left in the world. Reading the entire book is made more fun with the super cool riddles about each endangered animal. Here’s one, can you guess the animal?

“Tall and big but very cute, I munch all day on bamboo shoots. Dressed in fur that’s black and white, I laze around day and night.”

While my son loved the riddles, illustrations and the join the dots activity at the end of the book, it was a page on “What would happen if an animal becomes extinct?” that blew me away. The park ranger, using the example of a leopard becoming extinct, explains the importance of every species in maintaining the balance in the ecosystem. If leopards are poached and become extinct, there would be no threat to deer who would then multiply rapidly and therefore need more grass and plants, and finish all the greenery in the world! My child, who is extremely sensitive to killing and thinks all carnivores are horrible creatures, not only understood the dangers of extinction but also understood the importance of having carnivores in the ecosystem. We absolutely loved the book, and I think that my 4 year old is now, finally, ready to accept the fact that his beloved dinosaurs are truly extinct!

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