Dec 232021
Picture Books by Robert Munsch that will crack you up! (3-8 years)
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Robert Munsch is an award winning Canadian author with an in-your-face sense of humour! His stories have a sequence of events which climax into something even more unexpected and hilarious. The picture books from this series meant for 3-8 years, were either inspired by real stories or were created for actual children known to the author! The illustrations are larger than life and sometimes seem like they will jump out of the book! Most times, you can expect a twist in the tale at the end (by that time you will already be rolling on the floor!). Be sure to include at least a couple of these books in your child’s collection!

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Braids! Illustrated by Dave Whamond

This is one story that is familiar around most households! Who likes to get their hair braided? Not Ashley for sure. So what happens when Ashley actually get her hair braided? The repetition in the text and in the events that follow will surely become catch phrases around the house! Do not miss the cat and dog in the illustrations which are hair-raising for sure!

Too Much Stuff! Illustrated by Michael Martchenko

This is a super duper funny story with exaggerated illustrations that make you imagine the possibility of the impossible! Temina is flying to visit her Grandma. She wants to carry all of her dolls and toys. But her mom says she can carry only one doll and one toy in her backpack. What happens when Temina actually does the opposite? A hilarious situation that comes with a sweet message.

We Share Everything! Illustrated by Michael Martchenko

On the first day of Kindergarten Amanda and Jeremiah don’t know what to do. Very soon they get into a fight and eventually learn that

In Kindergarten we share. We share everything!

Well most things!!

The Enormous Suitcase Illustrated by Michael Martchenko
This book is on a difficult topic around divorce – when both parents start living separately and the child spends time at both houses. Each time it shows Kelsy wanting to carry something unusual to the other parent’s house. As her requests become more and more unconventional (from pillows to dogs) her suitcase starts bulging even more. The signature storytelling style coupled with the exaggerated illustrations bring out the humour in the situation from the child’s perspective. This story has actually been written for a girl who wrote to the author for a book on living in two homes! It also gently explains that some things in life work out and some things don’t. Brilliant life lesson wrapped in humour.

Class Clown Illustrated by Michael Martchenko
The story is about Leonardo who was born funny! He made everyone laugh in class all the time and was therefore the Class Clown. But what happens one day when his teacher asks him to stop making everyone laugh in class…?

Hugs Illustrated by Michael Martchenko

This book is essentially for hug lovers and feels like a warm hug :). It also serves a reminder that many things in life can be fixed through a hug. Not just anyone’s hug though….

Moose! Illustrated by Michael Martchenko

Moose is a fun book about a giant moose who comes to visit Luke and hang out at his tree-house. What happens after is a series of hilarious attempts to shoo the moose away – all unsuccessful. The repetition in the sentences always adds to the reading aloud fun!

Ready, Set, Go! Illustrated by Michael Martchenko

Miranda’s dad is participating in a race. He asks her to grab a bottle of water while he signs up and adds, “If I don’t drink something before the race starts I’ll never finish.”
So Miranda makes this her mission and what follows it’s the unexpected…

Sometimes you don’t realise your full potential till you give it a try, even if it’s unintentional!

Put Me In A Book! Illustrated by Michael Martchenko

This is one book that will catch every child’s imagination! A man was writing a picture book in a park when Hailey asks him if he could put her in his book. So he does. Literally! After that the book ride with very stretched by imagination illustrations begins! And yes, there is a clever twist!

Smelly Socks Illustrated by Michael Martchenko

Another super funny book with the most vibrant illustrations. Tina wants new socks. She finally finds the perfect pair. So perfect that she refuses to take them off to wash! Days go by and all of her friends, family, neighbourhood are forced to come up with a plan as they can no longer tolerate the stench of the smelly socks!

ps: The illustrations of everyone affected by the stench of the unwashed you know what will knock your socks off!!

Bear For Breakfast

Deep Snow

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Munsch Mania is another collection of his stories.

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