Oct 072021
Kickstart your child’s reading journey with Puffin’s ‘My First Library Of Learning’ !
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Title: My First Library Of Learning

Type: Board Books

Publisher: Puffin

Age group: 0 – 3 years

Reading books to babies is like giving a complete balanced meal to their brain. And with the growing awareness on the internet, especially social media, there is a plethora of varieties in baby books that are fun and interactive.

But as they say, classics always remain classic. Nothing can beat the beauty of picture books. Picture books play a huge role in building a baby’s language skills. And introducing a picture book to your baby early on, that has REAL images of daily objects is like icing on the cake.

Whenever I want to buy a book for Rushit, I either go through this website for age appropriate recommendations or do a random search on amazon.in. Every one has a “my first library” set of books in their collection. So do we. But when we got this amazing set of 10 mini board books called My First Library Of Learning by Puffin Books that covered almost every topic that I was looking for, I was pleasantly surprised.

There are similar book sets from different publishers too. Here is what I liked about this particular set the most:

📕 Image quality (Such realistic pictures).

📕 Topics covered (no other book set has books on Seasons & Opposites, Insects & Things around us).

📕 The book on animals has 2 categories (domestic & wild) covering a good amount of animals that a child should know about.

📕 The number book talks not only about numbers from 1-10, but also has a short exercise on counting in the end.

📕 The book on shapes compares each shape to a common object that we see in our daily life, thus making it easier for the child to understand.

I got this book set when Rushit turned two and I feel it would’ve been better if I discovered it early on. So if you are looking for something informative and really cute for a baby anywhere around the age 1 to 2 years, then THIS IS THE ONE!!

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