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Divit’s Droolsome Twenty! #kbcBookBingoSr (8-12 years)
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I am posting this on behalf of my 10 year old son Divit. He loves funny books and you will find many such books in this listicle. It took us the longest this time to finalise the books and we are still debating on a few prompts but well here is the list he decided to finally share.

1. An Indian historical fiction book

Akbar and the Tricky Traitor Written by Natasha Sharma, Illustrated by Vandana Bist

The great Mughal emperor Akbar had a problem. A HUGE problem. There was an imposter in his court. A traitor in his midst. Do you know what had happened? Someone was leaking his secrets to his devious enemies! And now, they were all laughing at him! Who had the guts to do this? And you should know, messing with the most powerful ruler of the time was not a good idea. The book is about how he solves the mystery and finds the traitor.

More from the History Mystery series.
In fact, a boxset of all 6 books in the series called A Box of Hahas and Whowhos ( A History Mystery Box Set) is also available.

2. A book by your favourite Indian author 

Ninja Nani & the Zapped Zombie Kids Written by Lavanya Karthik

Deepu felt the evil in the air. But his grandmother, Ninja Nani, the protector of Gadbadnagar, did not. Deepu’s story made even more sense once the jewellery store was robbed! But the more suspicious part was, it looked like his friends had committed the crime! Why would a band of innocent ten-year-olds be doing something like that! Surely they were not that sinister! But if they didn’t do it, someone might be “mind controlling” them… Who is that?? Ninja Nani is not any ordinary Nani. She is one with superpowers that she wisely uses to save Gadbadnagar from all the crime and keep the city safe.

More from the Ninja Nani series

3. A hOle book by Duckbill (Penguin Random House)

Petu Pumpkin Tiffin Thief Written by Arundhati Venkatesh, Illustrated by Shilpa Ranade

Petu Pumpkin was a greedy boy. And he was obsessed with food. Everyone knew that. But no one suspected that he would become a thief. A TIFFIN thief. This is how it started. On the first day on 3rd grade, Petu seemed to be extra hungry. He had finished all his seven tiffins in one period (he was eating in class and yes he carried as many as 7 boxes). But when it was lunch time, he wanted more. MUCH more. So he started taking the tiffins of his friends! This happened everyday. Would his friends be able to teach Petu a lesson? Or would he keep on stealing other’s tififn boxes! Read this hilarious book to know more about Petu.

There are more books in the Petu Pumpkin series which are equally funny.
All of Duckbill’s hOle books come highly recommended for the topics they cover and of course, their humour.
The bookset of 25 hOle books is also available

4. A book based on a true story 

The Black Tide Written by Marie Lenne -Fouquet and Majorie Beal, Translated from the French by Nakashi Chowdhry

This is based on the true story of the sinking of the oil tanker Amoco Cadiz on 16th March 1978 near the small port of Portsall in France. The disaster it brought after all the oil spilled into the seas caused tremendous damage to the sea life, the beach and thereby affected thousands of lives who depended on the seas for their daily bread. The sea turned black with the oil that spilled filling the air with a nauseating smell. Little Yann was all teary eyed to see the state of her beautiful beach. That is when her father told her one very important thing. We humans are capable of seeing light in the darkness. This oil spill got all the people together- people who didn’t belong there, people who had lived all their lives in the seas – all for just one cause. To help restore back what was lost. This is an example of solidarity when all came together to work for one cause. This is the beauty of standing together and this is what can make us win over the darkest times.

This book is from the One Day Elsewhere series which have other books based on true stories that changed the 20th century.

5. A book where the author’s name starts with the same letter as yours 

The Christmas Genie Written by Dan Gutman, Illustrated by Dan Santat

This story is about the time Chase was in Mrs. Walters’ boring class. He didn’t expect anything to happen. But something did happen! A meteorite crashed into their class! But it was not actually a meteorite, it was a genie who was there to grant the class one wish. But everyone had their own wish to ask for and agreeing on one wish was rather difficult. Will the class get their wish or is the Genie here to trick them! A very hilarious book where each wish will keep you rolling on the floor.

6. A book turned into a movie/show 

Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief Written by Rick Riordan  

Percy was just a normal boy. But his life changed one day – the day his mother died. He was rescued by demigods and he found out he was the son of Greek God of the seas-Poseidon. Dive deep into the adventures of Percy and his demigod friends where they go on a dangerous quest to find the lightning thief in this first book. Will they be able to find who had stolen mighty Zeus’s (The God of the sky) weapon?

There are five books in the series, each about different adventures Percy goes on. The series had me completely hooked onto it.

7. A book that breaks gender stereotypes

Pinkoo Shergill Pastry Chef Written by Vibha Batra, Illustrated and designed by Shamika Chaves

Everyone thinks that boys cannot cook. They should play sports or do something that boys are supposed to do. What does that even mean? Is there a dictionary or rule book that defines what boys or girls are supposed to do? Ughhh No. So our Pinkoo Shergill belonged in the kitchen, not the shooting range. To prove that boys can cook, he decides to participate in a limited time cooking competition. Will he succeed or will he be embarrassed on stage? Will Pinkoo be able to live his dream and tell the world that girl or boy one should only follow his dreams!! This book is very special because it breaks the barrier between girls and boys. We are all the same, equally capable and strong. Then why define us by what we do or like to do?

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8. A self-help book

The Unworry Book Written by Alice James, Designed and Illustrated by Stephen Moncrieff

Does anyone else worry about exams? Or worry about the end of your favourite TV show? Well, please do not. How? This book is the answer. From doodling in clouds to how to sleep better, this book has it all. A perfect book to help one deal with worries of all kind, this Usborne book is one of my favourites.

9. A spy thriller/juicy mystery  

Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library Written by Chris Grabenstein

Kyle Keeley was an ordinary 12 year old boy. He didn’t expect to be selected for the famous Mr. Lemoncello’s new popular library lock in which there would be games, fun and food. But he did get selected after writing an amazing essay! He had to compete with 6 other seventh graders and escape the library first. Whoever did that would get a huge prize. And after he made some alliances, he thought it would be no problem. But with the witty Charles Chiltington dying to beat him, it might not be so easy. The book is a complete adventure in itself.              

10. A book with an unexpected twist  

The Day I was Erased Written by Lisa Thompson

Maxwell seems like a bad kid. He is always rude to his older sibling, bullies kids in his school and causes a lot of trouble. But, he is not all that bad on the other side! He saved his beloved dog Monster from getting run over by a car, almost sacrificing his own life. But what happens when one day he is suddenly erased from his existence?! No one can hear him as if he was a ghost. At first he was happy because he wouldn’t get told off, but soon he misses his old life. And worst of all, if he is erased there will be no one to save Monster…

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11. A book where you wanted to be the protagonist 

Rory Branagan Detective-The big Cash Robbery Written by Andrew Clover and Ralph Lazar

This is third book in the Rory Branagan series, which is about Rory and his assistant detective, Cassidy Callaghan solving various interesting cases. The third book in the series is the one in which a fat stack of cash is stolen and their school has been robbed! And Cassidy is arrested while investigating the crime scene as the police think she committed the preposterous crime. Now Rory has to team up with his brother to find the thief and solve the mystery. Will they be able to find the real culprit and free Cassidy of the false allegations?

12. A book where a character is keeping a big secret 

Uma and the Answer to Absolutely Everything Written by Sam Copeland, Illustrated by Sarah Horne

Uma didn’t think her life would turn around. She didn’t expect it to get better either. Her Mom had passed away when Uma was four and dad always kept to himself. But her life took an interesting turn when she found an all-knowing earpiece. It had the answer to almost everything and surely Uma wasn’t going to give it away so easily. While Uma was dealing with her own set of problems, there was a larger problem looming over her beloved village – Tylney-On-Sea. Minerva Industries was there to take over the whole village. And guess what? That earpiece belonged to Stella Daw who was the head of Minerva Industries and she was willing to do anything to regain the earpiece. This was clearly a tricky situation and keeping the earpiece might not be a good idea after all. And once Uma embarks on a dangerous quest to find the Tylney Treasure with the earpiece, she hadn’t realized she was being followed. What exactly is this earpiece about? What is the big secret?

13. A book you wish you wrote 

The Diary of Amos Lee Written by Adeline Foo, Illustrated by Stephanie Wong

This is the diary of Amos Lee, a ten-year-old boy. It began as his mother’s new year resolution to get Amos to write. He writes in this diary whenever he is in the bathroom. There are a few things you should know about him though. He has two best friends, Alvin and Anthony. He has an annoying younger sister, WPI (Whiny Pesky Irritating) and he has two grandparents, PoPo and Ah Kong. His mother works as a writer, so all the interesting stuff his mother gets him to do for the newspaper is written here in his diary. Some things he did were observe deformed frogs, see the future with a prophet parrot and try local food at the shops. He is also bullied by the school prefect who always  tries to get him and his friends into trouble. This book is about Amos and his day-to-day life. I absolutely love funny books and the way the book is written is so hilarious that I wish I wrote this. Nonetheless good part is I can start writing my own diary and who knows, may be publish it someday.
There are other books in this series.

14. A book whose author you want to meet 

Wings of Fire – The Dragonet Prophecy (Book 1) Written by Tui T. Sutherland

Wings of Fire is a series about dragons. There are 15 books in all and after every five books the story line changes. This is the first book in the wings of fire series. The SandWing tribe’s queen was killed and all the royal daughters wanted to be the queen to inherit the throne. This started a war. With the SandWings having no queen, it was going to be an absolute chaos! All the three sisters had made alliances with other tribes to have better chances to win the war. How will the war end? Here’s the answer – There was a prophecy which said that five dragonets would stop the war once it had lasted twenty years. This first book is about the dragonets who don’t like the fact that they are hidden by a band of peace-making dragons known as the Talons of Peace under a mountain. How they escape the mountain and start their plan on trying to stop the war is what this first book is about. I want to meet the author because I really want to know if there are more books coming in the series and how she conceptualized this book in the first place.

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15. A book that has an LGBTQIA+ theme 

The Accidental Diary of B.U.G Written by Jen Carney

Meet Belinda Upton Green. She has two mums, is 10 years old, and her best friend is Layla Dixon. Since her initials are spelled B.U.G, she is often called bug, and she HATES it. There’s also a new girl in her class, Janey McVey. Bug doesn’t like Janey as she feels that Layla has been spending more time with Janey than with her. Janey also showed off the splits that she could do whenever she got a chance. She thought that school would be the same on the day after Janey joined, but it was surely not! Things started going missing around the school! Bug thinks Janey is behind all of it. With her mums’ wedding coming up and she being the bridesmaid, things going missing from school and trying to figure out Janey, B.U.G is surely having her hands full.

16. A book set in another world/space/galaxy/aliens 

Attack of Heebie Jeebies Written by Tom Percival

Erika had a terrible day. She cried before going to bed because she thinks her parents like her younger sibling Randall more than her. But when you go to bed after crying and being upset you are likely to have bad dreams. When sleep comes, she finds herself stranded in a dream, unable to connect to her sleeping body with a crowd of evil looking, crystal hungry heebie  jeebies! To make matters even worse, she was being hunted by a petrifying Angermare! Angermares make you angry like nightmares make you angry. She is just stuck in that dream and not able to come back to real world. Now, it is up to the Dream Team who make sure everyone has good dreams to get Erika back but there is no guarantee! Can the dream team save Erika and help her get back to the real world? Or will she be stuck there FOREVER?

If you thought getting angry can solve your problems, you must read this book.

This book is now published as Erika and the Angermare and there are more in the series of Dream Defenders.

17. A graphic novel 


Hilarious legends? Amusing hotels? Comic books? Which one of these do you like? If you picked “all of the above” then this is the perfect book for you. Explore the adventures of Catwad and his cheerful friend, Blurmp, in these wonderful stories. If you want a good kind of tummy ache where you roll in laughter you must meet Catwad.
There is a series of Catwad books by the way.

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18.  A book with a villain 

Super Zero Written by Jane De Suza

Meet Super Zero. He is a 10-year-old boy and is the only student at Superhero school who doesn’t have a power! It seems that he just makes the mess worse whenever the town is in danger. Every time he tries to protect the city, something bad happens! But now when the brainy supervillain Eggstremely Dangerous Eggster has constructed a machine of true chaos and death and all the superheroes of superhero school are too nervous to come out, it’s up to Super Zero to save the day! Will he find his superpowers in the hour of need? I like this book for its gripping plot, cool illustrations and the simple language. It teaches a very important lesson that we should not give up easily and try till the end!

19. A book you gift often

The Diary of a Soccer Star Written by Shamini Flint

Marcus Atkinson doesn’t like sports. He is actually bad at them. He absolutely can’t understand why his dad thinks Marcus will be a soccer star one day. Okay so dad wants him to be  team player and make more friends but a soccer star was too farfetched! Marcus on the other hand thinks he’s more suited for studies- at least no sweat and injuries in that. But how will he get out of the soccer fever that has caught dad? He can’t gather up enough courage to tell his dad. This is the diary of a hilarious young boy who hates sports and believes he can’t play anything . But any sport will seem like a burden till you stop thinking it to be a sport and stop feeling that your entire life depends on scoring a goal or winning a trophy. What is most important is enjoying the game with all your heart. I believe in two things – every game lost is a new learning and every game won is a new motivation. Read to find if Marcus could understand this or not!

20.  A book you got from Kbc recommendations

Weirdo Written by Anh Do

Meet Weirdo. You might wonder if this is his real name. Well it’s exactly that with a space in between: Weir Do. Because of this, people laughed at him and he was always made fun of. It was pretty hard for him to fit in though. When siblings Sally and Roger get normal names, why did he have to get such a name? It was unfair. Fortunately, he made a friend Henry who was also pretty weird. But they decide to stand strong together and ignore all the snide comments. Can they finally make some new friends and not feel left out? This book is about the life of Weir Do and him trying to fit in. The illustrations are very cool indeed. I also got a weirdo book light with this which I adore and use it every night to read.
There are more WeirDo books in the series!

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