Aug 202021

Review: The Girl Who Loved To Sing – Teejan Bai

Finding inspirational biographies for children is difficult, finding a biography that will leave a permanent imprint in your heart is rare. The Girl Who Loved To Sing is a book that will make you marvel at the spirit of Teejan Bai, who fought for her right to be allowed to sing.

Jul 282021

Review: The Boy Who Played With Light – Satyajit Ray

This is a story of a boy who is happy, who could see light in the slightest of things. But then it became dark after his father’s untimely death and he started seeing shadows in his mother’s sadness and everywhere else. He could not understand or talk or describe those to others around him. Until one day, he accepted those shadows and opened a world of imagination.

Jun 242021

Gadbad. Gadbad. Gadbad. What else do you expect to happen in a town called Gadbadnagar? To add to the ghotala, there is a Nani who turns into a Ninja, a celebrity chef who is coming to town to meet a superhero no one has seen, countless citizens masquerading as the superhero (aka Nani) and a dog who dreams of becoming a chef. Uff, and we are just getting started!

May 132019

A Walk With Thambi

Book: A Walk With Thambi Author: Lavanya Karthik and Proiti Roy Type: Paperback Ages: 4-8 years What readers like about this book: A sensitive topic depicted so beautifully through illustrations. It’s a story of a blind…Continue Reading