Jul 052021

The Tooth Fairy Paste. #kbcAPinchOfMagic

To protect the secret of family formulae the ingredients of tooth fairy paste were written in riddles! “Tooth Fairy Paste”
Ingredients –
50 ml of nectar from a thousand flowers to give the teeth strength
100 grams of flower from the creator of universe to recreate your teeth
25 ml of the purest form of water to sow the seed of tooth in the socket

Jul 052021

A Spoon of Tulsi Leaves. #kbcAPinchOfMagic

I took 1 spoonful of Tulsi leaves and added a pinch of salt, sugar, butter with Cinnamon powder (Butter and Cinnamon for taste !!! ) and made it into a light green coloured paste. Now the paste was ready for tasting.

Jul 052021

Prisha’s Knee Healer. #kbcAPinchOfMagic

She brings every possible leaf from the garden and sometimes tender branches too. She uses a copper mortar and pestle to prepare the paste. She also uses every possible spice available at home and then crushes them in the mortar with pestle.

Jul 052021

Tasteless Medicine! #kbcAPinchOfMagic

I told Adu to crush the hajmola while I cleaned the lemongrass and mint leaves. Adu being a fan of hulk got into the hulk smash mode and in no time finished crushing the hajmolas. Next we needed the white onion juice. Since our mom was at work, we had the best helper… our Dida (our grandmom). She quickly helped us crush the onion and we used a white cloth to take out the juice. Now that we had everything ready, we had to mix it. The trick was to mix everything together and give it a real good shake. Adu said… one, two, three goooooo!

Jul 042021

We entered our herbal science lab, our terrace garden. We took a mug and plucked some leaves of tulsi, ajwain and pudina. We added some water and each of us took a turn to crush the leaves with a stone. Then, one of my friends said, “Arey, this is smelling fresh and nice, like the chutney my mother makes. The lizard will have a feast and not go away”.