Jul 052021

The Tooth Fairy Paste. #kbcAPinchOfMagic

To protect the secret of family formulae the ingredients of tooth fairy paste were written in riddles! “Tooth Fairy Paste”
Ingredients –
50 ml of nectar from a thousand flowers to give the teeth strength
100 grams of flower from the creator of universe to recreate your teeth
25 ml of the purest form of water to sow the seed of tooth in the socket

Jun 182021

As I finish their rounds and drop them off on the porch waving goodbye, I know I have to pull brakes every ten meters till I’m in the visual range. Amu keeps saying “estop” and though I can’t hear him, to play along I gotta keep slowing down on that 40 meters stretch.

Jan 152021

A Tender Mission

Sharing something I wrote for my kids. Hope you enjoy the read. It’s 8.00 am at the base camp. A routine, sunny lazy morning.I am sipping coffee, brushing through the newspaper headlines to be in…Continue Reading