Jul 052021
Tasteless Medicine! #kbcAPinchOfMagic
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This entry is on behalf of my 8 year old son-Divit for the  #kbcAPinchOfMagic contest!

Divit’s Magic Potion to make any medicine tasteless – ENCRYPTON

I am not a fan of having medicines… not at all! The sight of that coloured, sweet, thick liquid in a spoon makes my tummy shout… BEWARE DIVIT! This will make you throw up again. Don’t have it.

But there are days when you are sick and you need to have those medicines to get better again. So I decided to make a magic potion which can be added to any medicine to make it completely tasteless. YOU HEARD IT RIGHT!

I must say my little brother Advit…sorry Adu (he likes to be called by this name) was more excited than me and readily agreed to help me in making this magical medicine. Before we got to work, we needed to have a plan. Isn’t that the most important thing??

So we sat down to think what all should go into making this special potion. After a lot of brainstorming, we finally decided that this will be a liquid potion and will include the following:

  • Lemongrass
  • Juice of white onion
  • Mint leaves
  • Some crushed hajmola

The idea was to put things that have different tastes and mix them up, shake them well so that finally there is no taste left!

I told Adu to crush the hajmola while I cleaned the lemongrass and mint leaves. Adu being a fan of hulk got into the hulk smash mode and in no time finished crushing the hajmolas. Next we needed the white onion juice. Since our mom was at work, we had the best helper… our Dida (our grandmom). She quickly helped us crush the onion and we used a white cloth to take out the juice. Now that we had everything ready, we had to mix it. The trick was to mix everything together and give it a real good shake. Adu said… one, two, three goooooo!

And in went all the cool things… we took turns to shake it. And waited for it to mix well. What came out was a mushy greenish pulp. We squeezed it using the cloth and came out a sparkly green liquid. Adu was jumping by now because the magic potion was green… the colour of hulk!

And now came the most interesting part. To test if this magic potion works. So we got a very bitter medicine and put two drops of our liquid in it. And Whoosh… it sizzled. Now who will try these magical powers??

My grandmom came with a spoon and gave me the medicine while Adu looked at me with eyes big and wide. And guess what?? It worked. The medicine had no taste. Superb! I couldn’t really wait to tell mom and dad that from now on there will be no issues with having anyyyyy medicine.

I was almost jumping with joy when Adu wanted to have popcorn. Well, he deserved it after all the hard work. While Dida got the popcorn we settled down to gorge on them. But wait!! Why is there no taste in the popcorn??? I asked Adu if his popcorn had any taste and he nodded his head with his mouthful of popcorn. To my utter shock I realized I had lost the sense of taste. Whoooo I didn’t expect this. Not today when it is supposed to be a pizza night! How could I go so wrong in making my magic medicine. I was now crying… no howling! Will I ever be able to taste my doritos, pizza, butter chicken or chicken tandoori?

And then I heard someone calling me, “Wake up Leo, come on get up! Time for school”. I sat up and realized it was a dream. For the first time I ate the breakfast served to me without a fuss! My mom was looking at me as if I am an alien but after this dream… I know how much I love my sense of taste.

A little about the illustration – Mom coming with the yuck medicine, me sayin Ew! Adu is watching Krishna Balram on TV. And don’t miss the grumpy face on the bottle of ENCRYPTON.

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