Nov 042022
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Book Title: Trust with P.T Usha learning to be WITH WOMEN IN SPORTS SERIES
Author: Pervin Saket
Pictures by: Rajyasree Sarkar
Publisher: AdiDev Press Pvt Ltd
Type: Board book
Pages: 20
Recommended Age: 4-8 Years

My heart was really touched when my son Avi and I first read about the bond that P T Usha, most famously known as the “Payyoli Express” shared with her coach and guru, Shri O M Nambiar in this book.

P T Usha was born in a remote village of Kuttali, Payyoli in Kerala which happens to be the hometown of her coach too. She was a great runner and was spotted by Shri O M Nambiar at a prize distribution ceremony where she had made her professional debut. It was at that moment coach Nambiar decided to train her after he noticed an immense talent in her. He placed all the trust in her and he groomed her throughout her career. With their hardwork and dedication, P T Usha won many awards and medals for India.

This book highlights the value of ‘Trust’ in our lives and how we can inspire others by our perseverance, dedication and hard work. Coach Nambiar trusted P T Usha who in turn believed in her coach and did wonders in track and field games. P T Usha could succeed in the field of sports only by being dedicated to her coach. Coach Nambiar was an athlete himself who dreamt of winning a medal for India and his dream came true through P T Usha. Both had a shared vision and a common goal. Shri O M Nambiar was awarded the Dronacharya Award, which is an award given to the coaches who bring out the best in athletes. He nurtured one of India’s first sports icon and helped her become the greatest track and field star.

The illustrations are super cute and Avi was filled with questions each time we read the book and we learnt more and more about P.T Usha and her coach. This book was a great conversation starter as we could talk about what is Trust, whom can we trust and about the relationship of trust between P T Usha and her coach.

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