Sep 092022
Review: Commitment With Bibha Chowdhuri
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Title: Commitment With Bibha Chowdhuri

Author: Pervin Saket

Illustrator: Sahitya Rani

Publication: AdiDev Press

Type: Board book

Age group: 4 – 8 years

The book is about the forgotten legend, the physicist Bibha Chowdhuri, born in Calcutta in the year 1913. She graduated in 1936 from the University of Calcutta with a Master of Science degree in Physics, and was the only girl in her class. After that she worked with DM Bose and discovered the sub-atomic particle ‘meson’. Unfortunately due to World War II, they couldn’t complete the work and few years later the English physicist Powell won the Nobel Prize for the discovery of the same sub-atomic particle, whereas Bibha missed the chance to win. But that didn’t stop her from continuing with her work and she moved to Manchester to complete her PhD on cosmic rays. Even though she didn’t receive any rewards or praise she was loyal and committed to her work.

The book is written in rhyming sentences which makes it attractive and a serious word as “commitment” can be easily explained to the children. Her story is really an eye opener that despite of receiving no fame or glory when she was alive, she pledged her life to her work. If one truly loves her work nothing can stop her from completing it. One has to stay committed towards the work one is doing and not think of compliment or rewards.

My 5 yr old loved the story and we loved this line very much,

“Done with love and dedication, well, that’s the real fun”.

This book has helped me to explain to her that whatever she does, she has to enjoy doing it and not think of whether it will be appreciated by others or not. Yes, Bibha’s story is a forgotten one but after her death, a star has been named after her, and she continues to light our path.

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