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Review: The Bookworm
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Title: The Bookworm

Author: Lavanya R.N

Age: 5 – 8 years

Type: Paperback

A wonderful prize this book was for the #kbcBFF writing contest. Thanks to Asha and Karadi Tales.

My seven year old and I really enjoyed reading this book together and here’s why.

As a mom how do you tell your child to
1. Be brave and be proud of who you are
2. Protect yourself from other unkind people called bullies and
3. Definitely not to become one.

The answer seemed simple. Read a story together! The bookworm was a perfect match for this.

The illustrations are soothing and colorful and makes turning pages fun for kids. With each page my kid discovered a whole new experience. It was like sitting in the classroom with Sesha, the protagonist.

The story describes a very ordinary scenario in an ordinary setting. It’s common to be a bookworm in school and be teased about it. What I loved was how the author made Sesha’s character so relatable. He didn’t become a hero all of a sudden and fight the bully. He chose to let his qualities to do the trick.

The bookworm is an easy to read book that highlights a very important topic and does it with subtlety.

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