Apr 162021
Review: Kitten Trouble
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Book Tittle : Kitten Trouble

Author : Bijal Vachharajani

Illustrator : Rajiv Eipe

Cover Design : Priya Kuriyan

Publisher : Duckbill Books, Penguin Random House India

Type : Paperback

Recommended Age : 5-8 years

I am posting this review on behalf of my daughter Prisha Ambi (9 years old), a crazy book reader.

I got this book as a prize for being one of the winners of the #kbcPetUntrouble contest here. You can read my prize-winning story here.

This is a story about a girl, Sani, who was terrified by the animals but later on started to love a kitten.

Story In Short

Sani is scared of all animals. When her mother brings a stray kitten home whose mother is missing, Sani is petrified. She stays away from the kitten all the time, that whole day giving excuses and escaping from it. But the following night, a thunderstorm hits their place. The horrified kitten wants to go to Sani. This is how Sani started to like the kitten and made friends with it.

My Find

My favourite part is when Sani and the kitten protect each other from vampires (from her story books) and the storm during that night. This book has big vibrant pictures which easily attract kids.

My favourite page because Sani has come closer to the kitten leaving her fear aside….

My Take From This Book

I like this story because Sani gathers the courage to overcome her fear.

My pet brother Chocolate liked the book too!

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