Jul 062019
Review: Animal Diaries
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Name of book: Animal Diaries

Author: Aliya Shetty Oza

Type: Paperback

Age group: 5-8 years

Ally’s book is amazing especially as she is herself so young (she is in Grade 3) but has written like a seasoned author. This book is her third book and she has written it as a series of diary entries by different animals.

In this book, I really liked the part in the first story when Droopy (the dog) gets a cake for his birthday when he was thinking that everyone forgot about his birthday. I also liked the part when in the last chapter, Cat Diaries, Lisa (the cat) was resting under the car but a lady picked her up and Lisa got a home to live.

I felt sad when in one of the chapter Tiger Diaries, Max (the tiger) pulled a prank on his trainer and got him fired by the owner.

I really loved this book as it was written very well, had nice illustrations, and the format was unique. I look forward to reading other books like this.

Good job Ally!

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(I have posted this review on behalf of my 7 year old son, Neel Shrivastava. He won this book from The Curious Owl and Kids Book Café Review-a-Book Contest ! )

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