Jul 072019
Review: Pinocchio
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Book: Pinocchio

Type: Paperback/hardcover

Author: Lorraine Horsley

Illustrated by: Monica Carretero

Publisher: Ladybird

Age group: 4-7 years.

I picked up this book for my 4 year old niece to gift her. However, couldn’t stop myself from going through it.

This is a story of a puppet which turns into a real boy – Pinocchio. He’s made by his master Geppetto from a piece of wood. To his surprise, the puppet starts talking and walking. Geppetto wants him to go to school, but the boy doesn’t want to. He’s very naughty and runs away from home. Topsy turvy events happen after that. He returns home and finds his master missing. Then his search begins…..

The pictures speak for themselves. It’s fun to read. The font used is very clear. The vocabulary used is good for 4-5 year old kids to learn. I loved each illustration as it is very detailed and helps capture the imagination.

The story has a happy ending where Pinocchio finds Geppetto and turns into a real little good boy who takes good care of Geppetto. A wonderful read for kids.

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