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Pondering about POOP? Need Facts about FARTS? Here are some funny books to answer the never-ending questions!
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Very often we get queries on poop books – little kids are curious and want so many questions answered. The best way is to give them a book that talks about everything they would ever want to know about all things POOP!

For 2 – 6 years

Everyone Poops By Taro Gomi (Namrata’s Reco)

Who Pooed In My Loo? (2 – 5 years) This book can be ordered from Scholastic India via our kbc storefront as well. Scholastic India always has special offers on.

Don’t Go There! (2 – 5 years)

USBORNE Lift-The-Flap – Very First Questions & Answers: What is Poo?  (3+ years) – THIS BOOK COMES HIGHLY RECOMMENDED as it answers all the questions your pre-schooler has about all things poop!

This book contains 3 Underpants adventures:
Dinosaurs Love Underpants
Aliens in Underpants Save the World
Pirates Love Underpants

Claire Freedman has an entire Underpants series!

Dinosaurs Love Underpants (3+ years)
Everyone Loves Underpants: A World Book Day Book
Monsters Love Underpants
Pirates Love Underpants
Aliens Love Underpants (3+ years). In Amardeep’s words:

If your child is anything like mine, the mere mention of underwear or poop, will make them roll on the floor with laughter! Now imagine aliens with weird eyes and arms, mad about underwear, and coming down to earth to literally steal them! This book is a complete laugh riot.

USBORNE: First Questions and Answers: Where Does Poo Go? – this too comes highly recommended to answer poopy q’s!

Is That Your Poo, Kangaroo? This book can be ordered from Scholastic India via our kbc storefront as well. Scholastic India always has special offers on. In Girija’s words:

Poo is always a hit with toddlers and if you have a book in which you can actually touch the poo, it’s a hands-down winner! The crew of Emu, Cockatoo, Koala and Platypus are trying to find out who the mysterious poo belongs to; and the Kangaroo comes up with hilarious reasons to justify it’s not his. With a short attention span of young toddlers, this one is a perfect book with a small but extremely toddler-funny rhyming story.

Poo In The Zoo from the let’s read together series (3 – 6/7 years)

Girija: “This is one of the most hilarious books we have. This story about a zoo keeper and all kinds of poop he deals with, is a silly read that is bound to have your toddler in stitches. Icing on the cake (or the poo I must say) , is that it has a whole poo museum illustrated and the sheer volume of poo will get your kid giggling.”

Amardeep: “If your child likes potty humor, get this book. How much we have rolled in laughter over this book is unimaginable. The description it contains of each animals poop, and the climax of the accident of glowing poop, will leave you in splits.”  
Poo in the Zoo: The Great Poo Mystery seems to be another book in this series (there are even more books too!) 

Does a Bear Poo in the Woods? (32 pages) By the same author, Which Bum’s Mum’s? and Everybody Toots!

Girls Love to Fart by Alice Clover (30 pages). The author has written some other funny books on the topic as well.

For 4 – 8 years

Where’s The Unicorn Poo? A Search And Find (Where’s The Poo…?) – recommended by Manasi Diwan Lal
The is an entire series by Alex Hunter called Where’s the Poo…? that has many fun search and find books for 4-7 years!

The Poop Book! This is another must have book many of our parents have and recommend!

What Do They Do With All That Poo? Another popular book in the community! Abhaya’s 5yo enjoys this book big time! Quoting Amardeep who has shared some inside pages in the fb group:

What do they do with all that poo, is a book that manages to be funny and informative at the same time. So, while Neil laughed his head off at the photo of a giraffe pooping small marble like poo.. the book also explains that giraffes have four stomachs, and can digest food better than other animals – leading to smaller poop size!

Brief Thief

I Need To Pee (5+ years) – a must must have for every child, as this is not only funny but empowering with the most brilliant illustrations! Read Payal’s review here.

Your Digestive System (5 – 7 years). Our kbc member has shared this recommendation – Pooja Rathan Aggrawal says,

“A fun read and my child found the process of poop making very interesting”

Kids also go through the phase where they want to talk about farts and funny facts about farts, so funny books about farts are always very entertaining. We’ve included some fun farty and hopefully non smelly books here as well! Also fun storybooks on Poop!

The Boy Who Ate Everything (3 – 5 years)

Ants In Your Pants! (3 – 5 years)

Superpoop (32 pages)

Pigeon Poop (4 – 6 years). Many of our members have ordered this book from Scholastic India. You can also order it from Scholastic via our kbc storefront as Scholastic always has special offers on. Quoting Tulika Singh:

It is a hilarious tale of a day in the life of two pigeons Percy & Parvati and Aunty S. The story was so relatable with Aunty S trying to shoo away the panicked pigeons and ended up having to clean pigeon poop from all over her room.

Thunder Down Under (32 pages)

The Story Of The Little Mole Who Knew It Was None Of His Business by Werner Holzwarth/Wolf Erlbruch. Quoting Kausar:

This was our good morning book today and too funny to not share it here. A story of a little mole who is out to find out who pooped on his head. A hilarious tale of the little mole who finally gets his revenge. Along the way he also discovers different animal poops.A hilarious book sure to entertain your little.. A must must read if you are not offended by poop. We just love this one.

I Broke My Butt! and I Need A New Butt! and other books in THE NEW BUM SERIES are available at SCHOLASTIC INDIA. (you can order these books via our kbc storefront link on Scholastic)

My Butt Is So Noisy!

Poo: A Natural History of the Unmentionable (Animal Science) for 5-9 years (40 pages)

For 6 – 10 years

The Day My Fart Followed Me series

The Girl Who Ironed Her Hair And Other Stories (there is a chapter dedicated to farts!)

F Is For Fart (5 – 8 years)

Walter The Farting Dog series (5 – 9 years)

Poo! What IS That Smell?: Everything You Need to Know About the Five Senses (Science Sorted) for 7-9 years

The Reggie Books (kindle) (7 – 12 years)

The Great Poop War by Ranjit Lal for 8 years+ (136 pages)

Someday A Bird Will Poop On You: A Life Lesson

The Fart That Got Away

Smelly Stories

Usborne: Noisy Bottoms

Phiss Phuss Boom

Gajapati Kulapati Gurrburrrrooom!

Underpants For Ants

Books that encourage children to go to the bathroom when they need to pee instead of holding on !

Many a time we get this query on books that help kids understand that it is important to go to the bathroom and pee regularly instead of holding it for hours. Here are some recommendations.

I Need To Pee – you read the review here . This books is for 5 years+ and is both funny as well as empowering. This is one book every child must have in her/his personal collection.

Time To Pee! (2 – 4 years) – it’s not just to toilet train but to remind kids that they need to go to pee from time to time!

It’s You And Me Against The Pee… And The Poop, Too! (2 – 8 years)

The Prince And The Pee

Fiona’s Little Accident (5 – 8 years)

Many thanks to Amardeep, Girija, Divya, Sabah, Shipra, Nimisha Daharwal, Abhaya, and of course #the14yo for contributing towards this post.


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