Jun 172021
My Zipline With Dad. #AanyaAndAppa #kbcADaywithDaddy
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Hey all, this is Aanya. My mom is posting my story on my behalf about my experience with my dad for the #kbcADayWithDaddy Contest . Hope you all like it.

Ziplining experience in Munnar

My father, mother and I went on a Kerala trip. We had lot of activities to do at Munnar. I had the fear of heights but this is the day I overcame my fears.

We had to do Ziplining in Munnar as it was on my to do list since long. I saw the height from which I would be doing Ziplining and froze with fear there itself. I kept on wearing the safety harness and removing it again and again till my mom showed me by doing it herself and guaranteed I wouldn’t fall. Still I was not convinced.

Biking at Wayanad

I finally agreed only when my father encouraged me to do this. He said I’m safe, don’t worry. I trusted him thinking why would he lie? So I went ahead with it. In the middle I was scared again. I could see my father at a distance waving his hands and saying I’m doing good. “Don’t give up”, inspite of me screaming out of fear.

I finished my Ziplining successfully just because of my Appa’s encouragement. After that we together went for Rock climbing and cycling. When I was with my father I was not scared, felt as if I was flying. This was one of my best experiences with my dad.

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