Feb 032019
The 1st stunner… The Rain and Fire
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Inculcating and encouraging the habit of reading is something that goes long way in making a person. My modified version – Better be with book than in a bad company.

An avid reader from a very young age I’m happy and proud to see my daughter follow the same!

I am stunned at the depth of thinking she has developed and absolutely thanks to the habit of been with books than with screens! She turns 10 on 4th Feb…

The Rain & Fire

I hope you liked Aanya’s poem!

Reader Comments

  1. pallavi! i have goosebumps! “can cure tears that burst” is so intense and profound! my wish – that aanya keeps writing and makes poetry her most sacred space where she turns to for solace.
    i was in jaipur for the lit fest last week and we attended a poetry reading session by upcoming, very young poets, some who have just started writing a month back, some who have recited in public for the first time – AND THEY WERE SUPERB! it’s called the sahitya project by another rodinhooder and we all sat out in the cold around a bonfire and listened to these youngsters read their poems to us!
    poets and writers are so vulnerable – we must constantly nurture them.
    big hugs to aanya – she has potential. i can see it :).
    pls keep sharing her poems here pallavi.
    let’s make Kids Book Café the fun and creative space for our childoos :).


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