Jun 142022
Awemesh’s Ansome Thirty #KbcBookBingoJr (4-7 years)
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Oops ! I mean ” Anmesh’s Awesome Thirty

Here we are with our entry for #KbcBookBingo2022. I am posting this on behalf of my 5 year old for #KbcBookBingoJr (4-7 Years).

This year we tried to read books by Indian authors as much as possible. So you will find many of those books here. Some books have been our favorites forever, some are additions thanks to KBC. The summer holidays were made fun thanks to reading these books and sharing with all of you.

(Note : My child wanted to include a Mickey mouse in this list. However, in the final list we were unable to add that. Hence, the Micky mouse bedsheet!)

1) Green Colored book: Almost Anything by Sophy Henn

A book which inspired my child to try anything and everything. Little rabbit is initially not ready to try new things. With a magic hat and a little help the rabbit is finally able to do almost all the activities. In the end he is able to find the magic within.

2) Book with Penguin Character: All The Way Home By Debi Gliori

This book is about papa penguin and baby penguin’s wonderful adventure. The story explains how a penguin family works together, the mother penguin goes out to find food while the father penguin takes care of the egg and new born baby. It also has brief details about both the North and South Poles. “I love listening to this story from papa before my bedtime and that’s why this book is very special to me”, says my child!

3) A Tom Percival Book: Dream Big Little Mole

Little mole’s dream is to achieve something big. Do you think it will be easy? The book is all about the mole trying to find what his strength is, then practicing it consistently, disturbing others along the way and getting scolded, experiencing setbacks and despite all of that, still moving forward. The book is perfect to understand how to achieve anything. This wonderful book is a recent addition to our home library.

4) A book with siblings: Charlie and Lola: But Excuse Me That is My Book By Lauren Child

Bother sister duo, Charlie and Lola, can win any reader’s heart. When Lola is not able to find her favorite book in the library she becomes very upset. Charlie tries offering her different kinds of books, however Lola is not ready to accept any alternatives. The story covers many different types of books which Charlie keeps on offering to Lola. This continues until Lola finds her new best book!

5) A book about school: Topsy and Tim Start School By Jean and Gareth Adamson

After vacations, Topsy and Tim, the brother sister duo start their new session at school. A new class, some new friends along with some old friends, and class activities. This is a perfect book to read again and again so that the little ones are ready for school after the holidays.

6) A rib-tickling book: The Good Indian Child’s Guide to Eating Mangoes By Natasha Sharma

Summers in India mean mango time! Do you eat mangoes, and how do you eat them? Mango is my child’s new favourite fruit. We loved reading this book, trying almost all the ways of eating a mango and laughing out loud almost every time we read it. Although the home was a bit messy and I had to clean up after every mango reading-eating session, still I completely loved our fun times. Do read this book, try the many ways to eat a mango (and create a mess!), and have a good laugh!

7) A book by Indian Author: Rooster Raga by Natasha Sharma

Ruru the rooster loves singing different songs, however he is not able to do the traditional rooster call of “Cock-a-doodle-doo” or “Kuk-a-roo ku-roo” . He visits all his animal friends to try and learn it. Finally, he realizes that singing different songs is his unique capability and he starts enjoying doing the same!

8) Award winning book: The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson (Winner of the 1999 Nestle Smarties Book Prize)

Do I need to review this famous book?!  Let me tell you, this is probably the only Julia Donaldson book that my child loves! It is a story about a mouse and a monster, a story about how a small animal can win over a dangerous ‘Gruffalo’ with the help of intelligence. A rhyming story with beautiful illustrations, and an interesting animal that captures the imagination – the Gruffalo. A must read for all.

9) A book with a female protagonist: Henna on my hands by Fawzia Gilani-Williams

A mother draws beautiful patterns with henna on her daughter’s hand. Squiggles and swirls, loops and curls, diamonds and dots and a small surprise – all of these must dry before the little girl can wash her hand! She has to wait patiently, till she she can wash her hands and see the amazing surprise.

10) A book that breaks gender stereotypes: The paper bag princess by Robert Munsch

A fire-breathing dragon destroys the castle and all the clothes in it. Not only that, the dragon also kidnaps the prince, Princess Elizabeth’s fiancé! Now the princess has only paper bags to wear, since the clothes are all burnt. She decided to chase the dragon to rescue her Prince. The princess finally rescues the prince, but will the prince be grateful to her, or will he choose to go on appearances? Needless to say, this book breaks all the gender stereotypes we believed in!

11) A Scholastic Book: Reva and Prisha by Shals Mahajan

This book is about an unique family, a book which is funny yet full of deep conversations. Although recommended age for this chapter book is 6-8 years, however me and my kid love this book a lot. Reading one chapter worked well for us. This book expands the reader’s horizon and gives new perspectives, by exploring ideas like whether we eat flowers or not, or can we eat pasta with chocolate sauce, or have a household with two moms? Last, but not least, this book has a short but beautiful story of how Pritam Singh and Runu Yusuf became a family. You can read a detailed review of this book HERE.

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12) A Zayn and Zoey Book: Zayn and Zoey Learn About Rockets

This book talks about how rockets fly and explains it’s different parts. Basic information about rockets is shared through a story revolving around the adorable twins, Zayn and Zoey. It also contains engaging activities based on rockets, that we had lots of fun doing. For a child who is fascinated with things that fly, this book is just perfect.

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13) A Non-fiction book/Encyclopedia: The Usborne Children’s Encyclopedia by Felicity Brooks

This book covers a wide range of topics and has some brilliant pictures. Needless to say the language in Usborne books is very lucid and informative. This is my child’s go to book during brushing, eating, sleeping and playing! He loves this book to read or to just see the pictures when he is not interested in reading and to explain any topic to grandparents!

14) A Mystery/Adventure book: First to the top: Sir Edmund Hillary’s Amazing Everest Adventure by David Hill

This book is based on the adventure to the highest peak of the world, Mount Everest by Sir Edmund Hillary. It covers information about him, his life and the journey that lead to the mountain adventure. Language and pictures, both are beautiful and age appropriate in the book. While reading this book one can visualize the journey to the peak.

15) A Book on Space/Solar system: The Magic School Bus: Lost in the Solar System by Joanna Cole

Ms. Frizzle’s class goes into outer space and visits each planet in the solar system during the field trip. The magic school bus always takes the kids to a special place where they can observe and learn. This is a story with appropriate information, and this entire series of books are one of the best for kids. My child wishes his school trips are just like the magic school bus trips!

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16) A Book on any Festival: Lucky, it’s not just a Christmas Story by Nalini Sorensen

This story is narrated by Lucky, the Cocker Spaniel puppy. It shows how the human world will appear from a pet’s eye! Lucky and Lucky’s human family that includes Mummy, Daddy, Zara and Adit are planning a Christmas celebration. This book is about family, friends, celebrations and cake. We loved it when mummy says, “Of the many things we give each other, the gift of friendship is perhaps the best!” The illustrations are in black and white so that your child can color the book!

17) A book about a place in India: The Mountains of Mumbai By Labanya Ghosh

Doma from Ladakh comes to visit her friend Veda in Mumbai. This big, crowded city is beautifully described through pictures and words in this book. Doma is missing the mountains and Veda reveals that there are mountains in Mumbai too! Mountains in Mumbai are made of what?! Keep guessing till you read this book!

18) A book that talks about food: Let’s Read and Find Out Science: What’s for lunch? By Sarah L. Thomson

This book is perfect to read to children to give them an idea about what we eat and why. It briefly explains different types of food and its components. The illustrations are great and language is age appropriate. In fact the entire Let’s Read and Find out Science series is worth reading.

19) A Bilingual Book: Miaow! By Alankrita Jain

A black cat with bright green eyes becomes a white cat with bright green eyes. How? Then the cat finds a partner! A sweet story with beautiful illustrations which is sure to capture the reader’s attention.

20) An Inspiring Book: Be Kind By Pat Zietlow Miller

How do you explain kindness to a young child? How do you tell them what to do and what not to? This book made my life easy while explaining an abstract concept like kindness. This book helped to open a door of endless discussions throughout the day- how we can be kind and empathetic through our daily small deeds. The books shows kindness through small and simple acts that can be easily followed and achieved. You can read a detailed review of this book HERE.

21) A book by your favorite Illustrator: All Join In By Quentin Blake

We love the rhythmic text and simple yet colorful pictures in this book by Quentin Blake. The book has seven small poems, each page has nice illustrations and a little text. Language is simple for kids to understand and enjoy, however, the meaning is deep and adults will enjoy reading it too.

22) A book by your favorite author: Dada’s useless present By Nalini Sorensen

Dada (grandpa) gets many presents for his birthday, including a walking stick from papa. Initially, dada declares the stick as useless. However, eventually dada discovers the many ways he can use the stick. Some ways are very common and traditional, however some are unique.

23) A new author you were introduced to: Boogie Bear By David Walliams

This book by David Walliams is full of adventure. The book shows how a white polar bear feels in the world of brown bears and how brown bears see the polar bear and are scared of it due to a different color and appearance!! It gently touches upon the concept of color discrimination and love beyond color & appearance. A funny book with simple language, awesome illustrations and a deep message, that is sure to win anyone’s heart.

24) A book that helped address an issue: Kevin By Rob Biddulph

This book is a story of a boy and his imaginary friend Kevin, their friendship and the impact of telling lies. To save himself from his parents when he makes a mess, Sidney Gibbons always blames his imaginary friend Kevin. Slowly he realizes how it feels when someone lies to you or about you. A brilliant book, written in rhyme with awesome illustrations, this book helps to explain why fibbing can hurt someone and can break a friendship or relationship.

25) A book on Potty humour: The dinosaur that pooped a planet By Tom Fletcher and Dougie Poynter

This book is about Danny and his hungry dinosaurs adventure in space. Dino’s lunch box is missing and hence the very hungry dino eats almost anything and everything, including the rocket! Now how will they go back home?  Find out how Dino’s poop finally rescues them, and have a good hearty laugh while you read this hilarious book!

26) An Interactive book with an unconventional format: Usborne look inside Seas and oceans by Megan Cullis

Flaps and more flaps, all packed with engaging information and eye catching pictures that ensures that children can spend hours with this book. It covers lots of different kids of sea fish, other sea creatures and plants. It is truly an out of the world book, that my child finds very interesting.

27) A picture book with more than 40 pages: Cat in the hat By Dr. Seuss

Siblings Sally and her brother is alone in home during a rainy day. Then the cat (Seuss’s famous anthropomorphic cat) came in home wearing a red and white-striped top hat and a red bow tie. After that the fun begins. Dr. Seuss’s poetic and rhyming style accompanied by fun illustrations, this book is all time famous

28) Hook Book (by Duckbill): Kitten Trouble By Bijal Vachharajani

Mumma comes home with a little kitten, but Sani, the little girl is scared of cats! Sani tries different ways to get away from the kitten, often ending up in funny situations. Then one day there is a huge thunderstorm, and Sani is scared. How will it change things? You can read a detailed review of the book HERE.

29) A book on being Eco-friendly: The mystery of the nasty grey cloud (The green world) By Sonia Mehta

A grey cloud is making everyone sick. Where did it come from and how it will go away? A group of 5 friends (who call themselves the Econuts) take it upon themselves to solve the mystery. The book teaches the children about the importance of saving our environment and reducing pollution. A short and simple story with fun related activities in the end, the book is perfect for kids to read, discuss and use for school project work.

30) A book that was gifted to you: Farmer Falgu goes on a trip By Chitra Soundar

Farmer Falgu has a very noisy farm. So he sets out to look for some silence. On the way different people request for a ride in his cart. Will Farmer Falgu be able to find silence? This is a perfect book to introduce children to different sounds and the meaning of silence.

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