Aug 252020
Tuan Tuan and Yuan Yuan! #kbcKaadooMonkeyTales
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This story is being shared as an entry for the #kbcKaadooMonkeyTales Contest.

We had an extended honeymoon for 8 years till our daughter decided to arrive in our life. My husband’s job involved a lot of travelling and wherever I could tag along, I did. Our Taiwan trip was one such memorable trip.

Finally I landed in Taipei Airport with a suitcase full of rice, wheat flour, dal and other Indian masalas and a preassure cooker. I still thank myself for my decision –  I lost around 6 kgs in a month, as the food there didn’t agree with me. I survived on fruits,  Knorr soup (which I took from India), yogurt and chocolates. I would prepare my lunch and snack at home if we are going out.

Visit to The Taipei Zoo (also called as Muzha Zoo, located in Wesnshen district Taipei)

One Saturday my husband and his friends decided to visit the famous Giant Pandas ‘Tuan Tuan and Yuan Yuan’, that were gifted by the People Republic of China (PRC). So our trip started with political talks 😖 like “Panda Diplomacy” and other stuff.

Panda House was the highlight there, so we decided to stop and see Tuan Tuan and Yuan Yuan first. Unfortunately the tickets to Panda House were sold out and next batch was to start only late afternoon.

We roamed around the most beautiful Zoo, I ever visited in our life, the wild flowers and big trees took us to a different world. The chimpanzees were so excited to see their cousins (us). One of the chimpanzees got so attached to my husband that it started imitating him. I was so amused first, but the moment I saw the visitors taking photographs of my husband with the chimpanzee I literally had to drag my husband away from his Cousin!

Who is imitating who?

While my husband and his friends enjoyed some Oyster Omelettes, Stinky Tofu, Minced Pork Noodles (bless their appetite), I ate my curd rice and chips. (I forgot to mention that I packed my lunch as soon as the plan was made). It was half past three and we rushed all excited and exhausted to Panda House to see Tuan Tuan and Yuan Yuan.

The smell of Panda House made me grab a mask. When I kept my camera ready to click picks then the person in-charge announced Yuan Yuan is not in a mood to see anyone, Tuan Tuan is also not in happy mood. I managed to click one pic of grumpy and moody Tuan Tuan. What a disappointment!

Tuan Tuan

We hopped into Gandola (cable car) and reached another destination from where we could take a taxi to our place. Gandola in the middle of the forest was one thrilling experience. I kept fearing that even Dinosaurs would show up any time and play football with our Gandola (all thanks to Steven Spielberg). We reached home dead tired but already planned a trip to for next day!

Sun Moon Lake Peacock Garden

Sun Moon Lake is an artificial lake so it didn’t interest us much. However, the Peacock Garden mesmerized us with a muster of Peacocks, both male and female. They all started dancing together and we were spellbound!

This was one of our most beautiful trips abroad, except the food I enjoyed every bit of Taiwan. I don’t want to brag how I cried (happy tears) seeing Palak Dal and rice on the flight back to Mumbai and then gobbled dozens of idlies at 5 am in the morning from my mother in law’s hand.

We started calling each other Tuan Tuan and Yuan Yuan!

Even though, we couldn’t catch Tuan Tuan and Yuan Yuan in a happy mood, both of loved saying their names so much, that we started calling each other Tuan Tuan and Yuan Yuan. What a lovely memory from Taiwan!

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