Jun 202021
Kavish Chronicles with Daddy. #kbcADayWithDaddy #KavishAndDaddy
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My lovely Kavish is turning two this July and I still can’t believe how time just flew by while we were watching and enjoying his ever-growing charming antics, reading sessions, chasing the favorite books with a gleaming smile and our fun outings together (obviously limited ones!!).

We have our best times when Kavish is specially taken for “”ghummi” (as he describes it cutely) with me in the car!! And tactically he moves from passenger seat behind the driving wheel.

One day, when we went for our usual drive, where in I somehow managed to convince Kavish to shift to passenger seat, he was quietly sitting next to me tied up cozy with a seat belt. We went for a drive to a nearby market and I noticed something interesting which brought instant smile on my face. Kavish was rhyming ‘no more…monkey’ in his sweet and unstructured way.

It took me few minutes to absorb this and realize he has rhyming just like I recite the poem daily with him. I was ecstatic at learning this and realized that these are small moments in life which we cherish and live for them as opposed to our mundane lockdown life!! These little ones have made our lives so mesmerizing and incredible that you forget all the worries in the world. So much fun that one can experience in the child’s company as they add their color to everything around and this day started just like one.

Well! We came back home and as usual Kavish ran back to his comfort zone and pulled out on of his favorites book, ‘The room on the broom’. I started narrating the story and he was silently listening but not for long. He kept getting another book before I finished one from his collection. I was amazed to see how he grasps these stories and sometimes makes faces and reacts while someone is reading for him.

It was an hour long engagement and then he moved to play with his toys and picked up an Aeroplane miniature ignoring his papa completely. I was still wondering as to how to catch his attention. Boom!! I had an amazing idea.. well not amazing but amazing enough to get Kavish excited. I got a piece of paper and made a paper Aeroplane for him. Kavish was really excited to see that plane and made attempts to launch it on his own. His face brightened with joy and started pumping air at the back of paper plane just like his papa did. It lasted for about 20 minutes and we were both tired (as I thought!! But Alas.. you will have to read the story further for my Alas!!)

In the afternoon while he was taking a nap, I opened my laptop and started working. I did not come to know when he woke up. He started experimenting on my laptop and his great typing skill with a streak of exploring things had left my laptop to its own plight and it was not in a state to show me its face!!

My laptop keys were broken. Well!! Lesson well learnt. Never underestimate the power of an exploring child 😊. The evening went into calling up service centers which were all closed and at night I realized it was an eventful day like all other days.

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