Feb 242023
Share some Holi stories with your little ones with IkaRoa’s ‘Holi Tales’ [Review]
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Book Title: Holi Tales
Author: Mariam KA
Illustrator: Sanjay Majumdar
Artwork: Rajat Upadhyay
Publisher: IkaRoa
Pages: 12
Type: Paperback
Age group: 5-8 years

Ishani, my daughter, likes mythology and festival stories so when we are asked to review this book, I jumped at the opportunity and we are both so glad that I did.

Holi Tales is a beautiful book that talks about 2 different Holi stories which are not new at all. What is special about this book is the way it is written and the subjects it touches on without being preachy in the slightest way.

In the book, an old gardener, called Nanaji by the kids of the boarding school where he maintains the garden, narrates Holi stories to the kids. Here is an opportunity to introduce boarding schools to children. The books refers to the season of spring and mentions the flora and fauna you would see in spring. In fact, I have not yet come across a description of spring in the Indian parlance in the books we have read. The book has that in such a beautiful way.

I enjoyed watching Ishani try drawing references from some of the things she has read about in the book like palash flowers, birds and animals.

The book even encourages you to use natural colours for Holi instead of the chemical laden ones, even mentions how the kids made their own colours.

Being a Holi tale, it touches upon the good and evil but it also, in the most non preachy way, touches upon the topic of skin colour and conveys how we are all different yet beautiful in our own way.

The book is written beautifully in a conversation style and includes the usual banter of friends and the curious questions that a child’s little mind is full of. 

While the illustrations are aptly done and cover all that is there in the story, they are not as many as a usual picture book. Hence, the book would be suitable for 5+ kids who are used to seeing more text in a book than the pictures.

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Disclaimer: We are proud to be part of the #kbcReviewerSquad and received this book as a review copy from the publisher.

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