Mar 042019
Review: The Parrot Who Wouldn’t Talk & Other Stories
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Book: The Parrot Who Wouldn’t Talk & Other Stories

Author: Ruskin Bond


Ages: 8-11 years

This is written on behalf of my daughter Ankita (age: 9 yrs), who has just finished reading this book. She had read one story from this book in her English textbook and it was so quirky, that we decided on buying it and reading the complete set!!

In her words with a little help from me.

This collection of stories by Ruskin Bond is really fun to read. Do you want to know about a grandfather who had the unusual ability to disguise himself as just about anyone? From a Vegetable vendor to a Tonga driver to even a beggar!! Isn’t it interesting to read what were Grandma’s reactions to all these?!

If that’s not all, what to do when you have uncles and aunts in the family, who can go to their wits’ end in doing peculiar things. Aunt Ruby’s hilarious encounter with the parrot and Uncle Ken’s careless and eccentric nature will make you laugh, while the author’s own encounter with a tiger, will scare you a bit.

Station Master Mr Ghosh’s interesting family and the Regimental Myna are sure to make one ask for more!!

In this book Ruskin Bond has tried to recollect and present his own childhood memories related to his family and even his boarding school in a way which readers from all ages and especially children who are 9-10 years old will appreciate. It also gives some life lessons in between. Two stories in the book are same as one of his other famous novel, which is “The whistling school boy”, but all other stories are different.

Anyone who wants to once again get connected with one’s childhood memories, especially the ones associated with grandparents and vacations or boarding school will find this interesting. As for kids, they will be inspired to make such wonderful memories after reading this.

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