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Review: Savi And The Memory Keeper
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Title: Savi And The Memory Keeper
Author: Bijal Vachharajani
Publisher: Hachette
Type: Paperback
Age Group: 10 years and above
Pages: 248

The book ‘Savi and the Memory Keeper’ by Bijal Vachharajani is a witty tale that is charming and beautiful. This story is about Savitri, also known as Savi, who had just moved to Shajarpur with her mother and sister after her father’s demise. They decide to live in their father’s house at Sharjapur.

Savi decides to take care of her father’s plant. She struggles to do so and amidst that she finds that the plants are communicating with her, and she is able to see scenes from the past and the future. Savi wonders why she can talk to plants and a gigantic ficus tree whose branches are full of secrets.

Will Savi and her classmates try to save the ficus tree from the villains who want to cut it down since it’s dying? Who are the shady men? Who is the familiar-looking boy? What is happening? How is it all connected? Will she find a solution?

This book was one of my favorites. I’m glad I chose this as my first read of 2022. Issues like global warming, climate change, deforestation, etc are highlighted throughout this witty tale. This is an absolutely unforgettable read that tugs at your heart.

The writing style was different from the other books I have read. It is captivating and it makes you want to hear the trees talk. I loved the main character Savi. She was brave enough to risk her life for a tree, that was important to her and her friends. She is passionate, loving, and caring. This is a perfect choice for middle graders. It also highlights how a family handles grief on their own terms.

My favorite part was when she spoke up for herself and showed them what was right. The most sinister part was when the aunties and uncles (villains) were about to cut the tree. The poignant tale about saving the ecosystem will melt your heart. This book will make you feel at loss and make you hopeful. It will make you cry and make you smile. Savi and the Memory Keeper is one of the best reads of 2022!!

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