Feb 282021
Review: Personalised Pet Dinosaur Book (By In The Book)
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Title: Personalised Pet Dinosaur Book

Publisher: In The Book (a personalised book publisher)

Type: Hardcover

Age Group: 4-7 years

I’ve never really understood my child’s craze for dinosaurs, but he’s obsessed about them. He wants to be a T Rex trainer, and keep one as a pet. It’s no surprise, therefore, that he’s sad that they don’t really exist and that he can’t keep them as pets. Imagine his delight when he received a book titled “Neil’s Perfect Pet Dinosaur” by In The Book, thanks to Kids Book Cafe. 

The book allowed him to indulge in his fantasy of keeping different dinosaurs as pets and took him on a hilarious journey of what would happen if he actually had a T Rex or a Brachiosaurus as a pet. As we read the book, he would get his hopes up with each new dinosaur introduced, and then would shake his head in disbelief, as he learned about each one’s unique characteristics and why they really wouldn’t make good pets. Not even his favourite, Triceratops. 

“I’ll be the striker and Triceratops the goalie,”
But Triceratops headed the ball, and made it all holey!”
Oh No Mumma, I can’t play football or basketball with him? Then, what will we play?, he said.

The text in the book manages to strike the perfect balance between being informative, yet staying humorous and appealing to the child. Of course, the most attractive part of the book is the fact that it can be personalised with your child’s name, which means that while reading the child gets to hear his/her name woven into the story! If you send a photograph of the child, that gets included on the back cover!! It doesn’t get cooler than that! The illustrations also have the child’s name printed on various things like the boys T-Shirt, cap etc, which is extremely exciting for kids!

My son was a bit disappointed that the perfect pet dinosaur could not be found in the end (he was hoping to find a solution in the book!). So, he made up his own pet dinosaur, Greeny, with mixed characteristics from all dinos. Small, like a velociraptor, but gentle like the brachiosaurus. He plans to have lots of plants inside the house to supply the Brachio with food!

So, the book definitely got his creative juices flowing and inspired him to find a solution on his own, however bizarre the solution may be! We loved the book, and totally recommend it to all kids – dino lovers or not!

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