Nov 122021
Review: Once Upon a Fairy Tale #1: The Magic Mirror
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Title: Once Upon a Fairy Tale #1: The Magic Mirror

Author: Anna Staniszewski

Illustrator: Macky Pamintuan

Publisher: Scholastic (A Branches Book)

Age Group: 6 – 8 years

Oh how we love fairy tales, especially when they whisk you away on a magical adventurous journey. The Magic Mirror is one such amazing journey.

The whole kingdom is suffering from a heat wave. There is no sign of the summer season bidding farewell and the queen of summer, Queen Sola, is also exhausted. Then what’s stopping winter? Will the Enchanted Kingdom have summer forever? Will everything dry up? Can the Kingdom be saved?

It’s upto the is the young Kara and Zed to solve the mystery and save the Kingdom. 

The book takes the reader on a wonderful adventure with a little bit of magic, a very mischievous Monkey, two sisters who don’t get along, and a very broken mirror!

Amyra thoroughly enjoyed reading the book. She couldn’t put it down. What I loved about the book was the very intelligent and observant little girl, Kara. The book is beautifully illustrated, though I do think they would look even better if they were in colour. The font size is perfect for young readers and now my favourite part, it has short chapters. In my personal view this series is perfect to introduce chapter and black and white books! A gradual way to move little ones from colourfully illustrates books to black and white chapter books and of course introduce them to the world of mystery and adventure.

The next in the series are The Stolen Slipper and The Missing Dwarf, which I need to get for Amyra! Do let me know what you think after reading this little gem by Scholastic.

Happy reading!


Amyra and Kanika

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