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Recommended Books: Sirisha’s List of Touch & Feel Board Books for Babies & Toddlers
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Books – First love of my toddler ❤️

I have always been a reader- non-fiction, mysteries, love stories. Had a whole cupboard full of books before my angel came into my life. Being in Mumbai with small houses and keeping one cupboard full of already read books was pointless, so we gave everything away to make space. Little did we know that we are making space for another reader in the house and her books :).

Books more than toys!

I always wanted AMAIRA to enjoy books more than toys, so I bought one set of touch and feel, sensory stimuli books for her when she was 6 months old.

I will not categorise books according to age, as I feel in the initial 2 years kids should read all kinds board books – be it touch & feel or flip flap books etc.

Playing with Books!

I can see her enjoying her time with books, taking them out of the boxes herself, sitting in one corner and then putting them back in the box when done, taking care of them. Sometimes she enjoys standing on them and tries to balance herself! I am trying hard to change this habit of hers. But she does it to certain books which she does not  like.

Reading time per day: One hour

1 hour daily is her reading time – it can be done at a stretch or in different intervals. We take books to restaurants to keep her engaged, in flights, sometimes to the pediatrician’s clinic as well :).

Books I introduced to Amaira as a baby:

I introduced all kinds of board books. I shall share my a list of different kinds in different posts.

Touch and Feel Board Books

To start with I gave her most of the touch and feel books to make her differentiate between cloth texture, to sharpen her touch senses. And to my surprise she loved those books and now she is 15 months old, and still plays with them.

Listing the different touch and feel books we have:


1- Touch and Feel: Wild Animals by DK

2- Baby Touch and Feel Puppies and Kittens by DK

3-My Puzzle Book- Favourite Animals

4- Baby’s Very First Touchy Feely Book: M&S Kids

5- Ladybird Baby Touch – Hello Baby

6- Ladybird Baby Touch – Hello Teddy

7- Bedtime Peekaboo

8- Baby Touchy Feely Jigsaw Books – Pets

9- Ladybird Touch and Feel : Baa Baa Black Sheep

10- Are You My Mummy? Little Tiger : Igloo Books

11-Fuzzy Farm : Top That Kidz

12- Funny Felt Farm Faces

13- Ladybird Baby Touch- Peekaboo

14- Ladybird Baby Touch- Playbook

15- Eric Carle Touch and Feel Playbook

Do you have any favourite board books? Do share in comments. Also read my other posts on Recommended Flip & Flap Board Books for Toddlers,
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