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Recommended Books: Manjishta’s Book Collection (1-5 years)
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This is my daughter Manjishta’s book collection right from the age of 1.6 yrs. This contains mostly story books, activity books, fun books, learning books. She is very fond of activity & sticker books which I keep buying from time to time.

Both she and I are looking forward to add much more books to her collection in the future.

Books can help teach life lessons

Books are one wonderful way to grow and keep a kid busy. Moral or life lessons which we aren’t able to say or teach directly can be understood through books.

Books help in dealing with difficult issues

Books have helped me in grooming her personality and deal with difficult situations. To name some:

Why? An utterly bonkers book of questions by Natascha Rosenberg
Pepper cleans his room
Pepper crosses the road
The emperor’s new clothes
Argh Stegosaurus
Little Cloud by Eric Carle
The very hungry caterpillar (read review here)

I’m listing down her most cherished books so you can also buy some for your children. Will add reviews of each book slowly. Thank you.

Classic Fairy Tales – Pocket Books/Board Books/Hardcover/Paperback

These classic fairy tales come in various kinds of books. They are popular and nice to read. They are available from different publishers like Dreamland, Pegasus, Ladybird. All are good and suit the budget.
Jungle Book
The Little Mermaid
Aladdin and his magical lamp
Alice in Wonderland
Beauty and the Beast
Little Red Riding Hood
The wild swans
Snow White
The frog prince

Board books & Pop up books

Dreamland Set of 10 books
– ABC, 1235, Animals, Fruit, Vegetables, Birds, My body, Vehicles, Foods
My first book series:
My first books by Pegasus series:
[These board books are very very affordable and helpful for babies.]
My first book of opposites, Domestic animals and pets, Vegetables, My body parts, Flowers, Fruits, Food ,Good manners (board), (paperback), ABC
Pinocchio pop up book
Ugly Duckling pop up book
You are my Baby: series by Lorena Siminovich

Activity Books, Sticker Books, Colouring Books

Sticker & activity books help engage my girl the most as she thinks she has done something extra creative thanks to the stickers! She loves them the most.

Girls sticker activity book
1001 activities book
Tom and Jerry copy coloring book
2000 stickers princesses (activity book )
1500 amazing stickers
Jumbo activity book (with 365 activities)
Spot the differences
My dot to dot book
The two books I bought from
Volcano ultimate sticker book
555 sticker fun pirate ship

Early Concept Books, Moral Stories, Fables, Fairy Tales

Why? An utterly bonkers book of questions by Natascha Rosenberg
Wow! Earth
Apple tree – Moral Stories for Children – 10 volumes
Aesop’s Fables – The Proud Lamp
Birds and Insects
Fishes and Reptiles
Moral stories for children – Shanti Publications
The little match girl
7 in 2 famous moral stories
Visual dictionary
I’m a Farmer
365 animal stories and rhymes
My pretty board book of vehicles
My number world
My alphabet tales 
Manorama Tell me Why

Hindu Mythology

Lord Krishna’s Advent and Pastimes
Big all in one English, Kannada and Hindi visual book
Classic Tales by Maple Press – Maa Durga

Story Books

Little Cloud by Eric Carle
The very hungry caterpillar (read review here)
365 stories around the world
365 adventures stories
Pepper crosses the road
The lion king
Pepper cleans his room
There’s a dinosaur in my soup
Nickelodeon – Dora the Explorer (carry along adventures)
Winnie the Pooh Adventures
Magic Pot Magazine

[Note from Team Kids Book Café: For your convenience, affiliate links (MARKED IN PINK) to some of the books have been added to enable you to buy the books from AMAZON, should you wish to! Do let us know if you’d like to buy some other children’s books that are not listed here by writing to and we’ll enable a shopping link for you!]

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